Liverpool’s incredible clear round

Placed in the group of death, Liverpool finished first by achieving a high level group stage. The Reds have won all of their games.

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6 games, 6 wins, 18 points, 17 goals scored, 6 conceded. Here is the incredible record of the Reds at the end of the group stage. Still, Liverpool were unlucky in the draw. The winner of the 2019 Champions League fell on the most complicated group with Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and FC Porto. The four teams had the ambition to finish in the first two of this group and at the start of the first match, the Reds have no certainty of reaching the final phase of the competition. Only, Klopp’s team will crush the competition and leave nothing but crumbs. It starts with a victory snatched against the Milanese (3-2). It continues with two away wins, in Porto in correcting the Portuguese 5-1 then at Wanda Métropolitano against the Colcheneros (3-2) by dominating a good part of the meeting. The Reds confirm at Anfield with two games won 2-0 against the Spanish and the Portuguese. Already qualified and first in the group, Jurgen Klopp’s men even offer themselves the luxury of win (2-1) at San Siro with a completely overhauled team. Liverpool are the first English team in Champions League history to manage to win their six group stage matches. The domination is total.

The main favorite for the final victory?

Despite three more than serious opponents, Liverpool have not made a single misstep. Even with an encore team against a Milan who played their survival in the competition, the Reds found a way to win. They posted a real mastery on each of their output. Salah is stratospheric and has already scored 7 goals. The midfielder, even handicapped by the absence of several players, was dominant. The strength of the defense led by Van Dijk and Alisson does not seem to be matched in Europe at the moment. Liverpool have an answer for everything. The gap between excellent European teams and Klopp’s side shows the power of the Reds. The English are placed as the number one favorite for the final victory when looking at this group stage. Manchester City have been excellent, Bayern are as impressive as ever, Chelsea are ready to keep their assets, Paris is on the verge of its nose and Real Madrid is stepping up. However, the strongest team so far is Liverpool.

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