Liverpool: Thiago does not regret his choice

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During the 2020 summer transfer window, midfielder Thiago Alcantara (30 years old, 6 games in the Premier League this season) left Bayern Munich for Liverpool on the occasion of a transfer estimated at 22 million euros. Handicapped by physical problems, the Spaniard has not yet succeeded in completely winning the Reds. But for his part, the former FC Barcelona player does not regret his decision.

« 100%, I made the right choice, the right movement. You can never know because injuries can impact your playing time, you also have to get to know how the team behaves on a pitch. I hate it. injuries, for my teammates or for me, but that’s part of our job. When we’re in good shape, we have to perform as high as possible, « Thiago told the press on Tuesday.

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