Liverpool routed, Jürgen Klopp and the only responsible –

Manhandled by Fulham, Liverpool conceded a draw (2-2). An unexpected result in the eyes of Jürgen Klopp who believes that his men would not have deserved better.

 » We bring back a point from a very bad game. The result is good, I don’t think we deserved more than that. Our performance can and should be significantly improved. (…) We are used to more dominance, but we couldn’t get it today because we weren’t quick or precise enough. The best thing about this game is the result. I’m happy with the punishment we received. We could have lost three points. In the end, we only lose two. It’s my responsibility to find out why we played a very good game against City (5-3 victory in the Community Shield last Saturday, editor’s note), then a game completely upside down seven days later“, launched Jürgen Klopp in a press conference, unhappy with the performance of his men following the draw conceded against Fulham, (2-2).

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