« Liverpool can’t afford Bellingham » – Sport.fr

Premier League legend Ian Wright has announced that Liverpool lack the ability to attract England midfielder Jude Bellingham.

Launched in the auction race for 19-year-old Borussia Dortmund nugget Jude Bellingham, Jurgen Klopp still hopes to strengthen his midfield. However, Arsenal legend Ian Wright thinks Liverpool are not in the same league as City or Real. He thinks that the Reds squad is not interesting enough for a player whose future is all mapped out.

“How are you going to convince him against Manchester City or Real Madrid, who can say ‘look who we have’? Both could dominate the scene for the next ten years. Liverpool are in a very precarious position now. That’s why I want Liverpool to focus on getting a top four spot because that will give them another chance. Being able to play in the Champions League is the bait to convince the best players,” says Wright.

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