LIVE – War in Ukraine: 22 dead in a Russian strike on a railway station

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday assured kyiv of his country’s support « as long asas necessary in the face of the Russian invasion, in a message on the occasion of Ukraine’s national holiday. « L’Germany stands firmly with Ukraine today and for as long as Ukraine needs our support“, he said, in a video message posted on his Twitter account.

« We will continue to deliver weapons (…) and form ukrainian soldiers with state-of-the-art European equipmentadded the Chancellor, referring to the new arms deliveries announced by Berlin on Tuesday. The German government will deliver to Ukraine for 500 million euros of additional armaments, part of which will be handed over in 2023. Among the deliveries will be three Iris-T air defense systems, recovery tanks, rocket launchers , as well as ammunition and anti-drone devices.

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« We will continue our sanctions, provide financial support to Ukraine and help rebuild destroyed towns and villages“, also assured Olaf Scholz. The Chancellor reiterated his intention, expressed on Tuesday, to organize « at the end of October, in Berlin an international conference on the reconstructionfrom Ukraine. « The blue and yellow (of the Ukrainian flag, editor’s note) and the starry band of Europe are linked“, hammered the chancellor.

« Dear Ukrainians, your country will chase away the dark shadow of war because it is strong and brave and because it has friends in Europe and all over the world“, he added, concluding his message with the slogan “Slava Ukrainian(Glory to Ukraine).

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