LIVE – Rennes-Dynamo kyiv: the Red and Black suffocating but still hooked

Kalimuendo gets a corner

His cross to Gouiri from the left is cut off. Bourigeaud’s corner gives nothing.

A change on each side

The Terrier striker gives way to Abline. On the Ukrainian side, Kabaev is replaced by Vanat.

Mandanda (finally) at work

The Rennes goalkeeper easily seizes the ball on a full axis shot from Kabaev.

Gifted unspecified

Doué’s broken center in front of the surface lacks precision, and Boyko can calmly capture.

Ukrainians are not coping

Each ball recovery is immediately followed by a quickly returned ball on the visitors’ side. Rennes still presses just as hard.

Dominance in numbers

17 shots to 4 now for the Bretons, including 5 on target at 2. Dynamo kyiv did not strike in the second half, against 9 times for their opponent.

New corner for Rennes

Bourigeaud finds Tait in front of the box. His volley lacks precision even if he was embarrassed when hitting his ball.

Besedin offside

Found in depth, the center forward fails to control the ball with his head. The flag goes up anyway.

Gifted frame in turn

The entrant finds the gloves of his vis-à-vis in his long shot on the ground. Tait was however ideally placed on his left.

Boyko disgusts Bourigeaud!

Bourigeaud manages to strike in full surface, without momentum, in front of several defenders. The Ukrainian goalkeeper lies down on his left to deflect for a corner.

Corner for Dynamo

It’s hit by Tsygankov from the right. Rodon is on the fallout in the middle of the box but the visitors recover the ball.

Big pressure from the Reds and Blacks

The ball has not left the Ukrainian camp for several minutes. Bourigeaud delivers caviar for Tait, who lacks control in the box.

Double change in Rennes

Gouri and Majer are replaced by D.Doué and Kalimuendo. Roazhon Park gives voice.

Assignon misses his exterior!

Majer takes a good ball before being countered in his shot. The ball returns to Assignon, who makes a magnificent double contact before completely missing his right gesture.

Assignon in legs

The right side makes a new breakthrough along the sideline. Tait then tries to find him in the depths, without success.

Tait frames his volley

In the heart of the area, Tait places a recovery without momentum after a badly cleared corner. It is in the gloves of Boyko, while Gouiri is in any case sanctioned with a fault.

Ugochukwu countered

The young Rennes midfielder gets a corner on a long shot blocked. The Reds and Blacks are pushing hard.

Gouiri found with success

Taking advantage of an error by the opposing defense, Bourigeaud finds Gouiri, who fails to chain behind his control. Rennes remains high.

Rennes demands a penalty!

A possible Ukrainian hand angers Roazhon Park after excellent work by Gouiri on the left of the box. No penalty.

A look at the stats

43% possession for Rennes, who have 9 shots at 4. 2 attempts on target on each side.

Assignon keeps the danger away

Dynamo kyiv have been playing higher since the game resumed, without managing to worry Mandanda again.

Kalimuendo warming up

The young centre-forward could play his first European match tonight.

New high recovery from Bourigeaud

The action does not conclude with a corner obtained by Assignon on the right side. Bourigeaud’s center then passes in front of everyone in the box.

Assignon does not fit!

Upon receiving a center on the ground badly pushed back, Assignon opens his left foot in the axis of the surface. It goes just above.

It’s back to Rennes!

The second act begins, no change to report on either side.

Half time!

Stade Rennes is hooked on the break! Despite a nice goal from Terrier which came to materialize a conquering start to the match for his team, Dynamo kyiv came back on his only highlight. Everything remains to be done in this match full of intensity.

1 minute of added time

The break is already approaching, in a meeting that is slightly balanced.

Free kick for Dynamo

The ball is hit on the ground in the Rennes area. It’s safe for the locals, stopped in their attempt to counter.

Rodon crashes

The Welshman intercepts a pass and takes the opportunity to invite himself into the last 30 meters. The one-two with Gouiri is not guaranteed.

Dynamo is doing well

An offside position is signaled when the Rennes had managed to combine in the Ukrainian area.

The Reds and Blacks go on the attack

The efforts are rewarded with a corner that should have obtained Assignon, but the referee indicates a goal clearance. A lot of rhythm in this first period.

Reindeer more serene

Beaten after going through a bad patch, the Breton defense lacked serenity, like a largely avoidable corner conceded by Theate.

Tsygankov bisse

The Ukrainian striker had already scored his team’s first goal in the competition, against Fenebahce (1-2).


Dynamo Kyiv equalize! Magnificent three-way game of the Ukrainians with Buyalskyi who finally serves Tsygankov on the right of the surface. Mandanda intervenes a first time but he follows well and concludes under the bar.

Heat in the Breton surface

A high foot from Theate in front of his goal could have been punished with a penalty… Rennes have not been reassured for a few minutes.

Always menacing terrier

Stade Rennes once again proved to be dangerous on the counterattack. Zabarnyi is narrowly ahead of Terrier, who left with great strides on the left.

Sydorchuk tries again

Dynamo kyiv is getting closer little by little. After a great collective action, the captain fires a new shot far from the goal. It is again above.

The timid Ukrainian reaction

Dynamo’s first shot of the match. In a distant position, Sydorchuk takes his chance without much conviction. It’s way over the mark.

Majer without success

The Croatian midfielder gets into a striking position 20 yards from goal. It goes above.

terrier in great shape

The evening striker has already scored his 6th achievement of the season, the 2nd in the Europa League.


Rennes unlocks its counter, 1-0! On a new very fast transition, Gouiri looks for Terrier from the left. From a tight angle, the Rennes winger fired a powerful shot from the left which lodged in the opposite corner. Wonderful!

Corner for Rennes

From the right, Bourigeaud strikes in full surface but does not find any partner. The ball is recovered by the Bretons. Tait hits over.

The smothered Dynamo

Already 4 shots including 1 on target for the Bretons, while the Ukrainians have not yet had the opportunity to try their luck. 50% possession on each side.

Kabaev on the ground

Following an aerial duel with Assignon, Kabaev was hit in the head and fell to the ground. He quickly resumes his place.

Terrier misses the target!

Superb collective action from Rennes. Gouri serves Tait back on a quick transition, which finds Terrier with a delicious backheel. Terrier places his ball at the foot of the left post.

Rodon places his head

At the near post, the Rennes central defender cuts the trajectory of a corner from the left. It goes right past the goal.

Bourigeaud alerts Boyko!

At the far post, Bourigeaud receives a deflected pass from Terrier. His powerful shot from outside the area is pushed back by the opposing goalkeeper for a corner.

stirring meling

The Norwegian side gets a free kick in his left lane after a new acceleration.

The very serious Red and Black

Rennes have left nothing to their opponent since kick-off and monopolize possession of the ball.

Shepelev unsuccessful

The midfielder finds no one on his opening in front of the opposing surface. Not worried, Mandanda recovers a goal exit.

Majer shoots over!

Very nice inspiration from Bourigeaud, who intercepts a raise from Boyko and finds Gouiri directly on a sudden cross. Majer is shifted in one touch but his powerful right shot lacks power.

The Dynamo gets some air

The visitors infiltrate for the first time of the match in the opposite camp, without managing to approach the surface.

Gouiri misses his shot

Bourigeaud launches Assignon on the right of the surface, which finds Gouiri on his strong center in withdrawal. His attempt is off target while Tait seemed ideally placed behind him.

Reindeer in control

The hosts haven’t let go of the ball since kick-off, taking their time to build and search for spaces.

Meling too short

Terrier is looking for his side after a long streak of initial possession. The ball flies straight out of goal.

Let’s go between Rennes and Dynamo kyiv!

The Spanish referee Jose Maria Sanchez kicks off, good game to all!

Kick-off imminent

The two teams make their appearance on the lawn, in the very beautiful atmosphere of Roazhon Park. The match will start in a few moments.

A precedent in 2018

The two teams have already faced each other in the group stage of the Europa League in 2018. Rennes had lost both at home (1-2) and away (1-3).

Absentees on each side

If Dynamo kyiv is deprived of three injured players, Shaparenko, Bushchan and Supryaga, Rennes will have to do without Sulemana, Santamaria, Xeka, Omari (injured) and Traoré (suspended).

Dynamo out of results

Only 9th in their championship with a game late, the Ukrainians lost their first two Europa League games, which can be explained by a very disturbed preparation. A new defeat tonight could destroy their hopes in C3.

Rennes can take a big step

In the event of victory tonight, and hoping for success for Fenerbahce against Larnaca, the Red and Blacks would take a step towards qualifying for the rest of the competition. The second leg will take place next Thursday in Krakow, Poland.

The classification of group B after 3 days

1- Rennes, 4 pts (+1)

2- Fenerbahce, 4 pts (+1)

3- Larnaca, 3 pts (0)

4- Dynamo Kyiv, 0 pts (-2)

The Ukrainian XI

Boyko – Kedziora, Zabarnyi, Popov, Dubinchnak – Shepeliev, Sydorchuk, Buyalskyy – Tsygankov, Besedin, Kabaiev

Replacements: Neshcheret, Ihnatenko, Vivcharenko, Burda, Parris, Vanat, Andriyevskiy, Garmash, Karavaev, Kravchenko, Tymchyk, Syrota

The Rennes composition

Gouiri could evolve alone at the forefront or accompanied by Terrier, while midfielders Bourigeaud, Ugochukwu, Majer and Tait are starters.

Mandanda – Assignon, Rodon, Theate, Meling – Bourigeaud, Ugochukwu, Majer, Tait, Terrier – Gouiri

Replacements: Alemdar, Salin, Truffert, Kalimuendo, Wooh, Belocian, Abline, G.Doue, D.Doue, Françoise

Goodnight all

Welcome to our live commentary to follow the meeting between Rennes and Dynamo kyiv during the 3rd day of the Europa League group stage. Kick-off will be at 9 p.m. at Roazhon Park.

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