LIVE – PSG: « Mbappé is not guilty, the leaders are irresponsible », slice Dupraz

Dupraz: « Mbappé is not guilty, the leaders are irresponsible »

In The Big Mouths of Sport on RMC, Pascal Dupraz gave his opinion on the fuss concerning Kylian Mbappé at Paris Saint-Germain.

« Mbappé is not guilty. This boy is 23 years old. He is given everything: money and power. Inevitably, the leaders were going to take the boomerang in the head. The leaders are irresponsible to give so much power to a player like this, although he is promised to be the best player in the world. It is the ground that will solve the problem of Paris Saint-Germain, and the talent of Mbappé, we hope, but it is not It’s not logical that we acquiesce to all the wishes of a 23-year-old player. Money is already enough. But give him power, tell him that we are going to take a great striker, that we are going to fire Neymar… »

This is the end of this intense press conference

It started with a big rant from Galtier who was tired of commenting on the various non-sporting affairs and who tried to put the debate around the PSG-OM match back. A game for which he could switch to a 4-man defense and probably count on the return of Leo Messi.

Will the defense be reshuffled with the absences?

« Yes it’s possible ». Earlier in the conf, Galtier spoke of a possible switch to 4-4-2 to deal with the absences of suspended Sergio Ramos and injured Kimpembe. There is a thought on the subject. Do we go into a four-man defense and we modify what is happening a little higher. Since the day after the Benfica match, we have been thinking about this in relation to our players, their characteristics, but also in relation to Olympique de Marseille, who press very high and disrupt the ball’s exit.

Too much pressure?

It’s not a pressure for me, but it’s annoying. For me it’s annoying not to talk about football and my job. My passion is football, winning matches and going as far as possible in competitions. I don’t have any pressure in relation to that but I pay attention to what it can cause for my group. « 

On Galtier the Marseille before the classic

I am the coach of PSG and I am very proud of that. We are very focused on what we have to do. We have to make sure to play a great match, put rhythm, quality in the game and make our supporters happy. We will make sure to give them that, a pleasant match and that they are proud of their team. »

On Messi’s condition

« Leo is operational, he trained normally this morning, but we’ll see how he reacts to the session. »

« I don’t lecture you »

« but we could perhaps refocus the conference on the athlete. It’s going well in the locker room. We may not kiss each other every day, but it’s going very well. And better than elsewhere. »

Galtier refuses to comment on information from Mediapart

« I wouldn’t comment on anything. I have players who projected themselves very quickly into the preparation for this very high summit. »

Galtier’s big rant

The question related to all the sporting and extra-sporting problems facing Christophe Galtier and the Mbappé problem.

Galtier’s rant response:

« The first thing is that you have to have control, experience and a certain age to manage all this as well as possible. What I want to tell you is that you don’t talk to me never football. I am here, I am the coach of PSG, I am proud and happy about it, and finally, I realize that match after match, conference after conference, we must talk about 1m30 of football over a conference of 10 minutes ».

« And whatever I can tell you, you don’t believe me since you write the opposite, you say the opposite. I tell you that it’s going well, that they are united and you write the opposite. I’m not there to comment on rumours. On Kylian, there were rumors that came out the afternoon of the match, Kylian had the best response, he performed well, the best man in the match. Me, I have a lot of faults , but I’m very honest, I’m not lying to you. To answer you on Kylian, no I didn’t talk about the rumor, I saw Kylian very serious in the preparation, very invested. « 

Now on to the press conference in a few minutes

The questions are likely to be a little more « inside ».

« Let it be a rhythmic, committed match »

« But that it remains a great football match with a victory in the key », here is Galtier’s wish for the classic against OM.

A great expectation for the match against Marseille

« We haven’t talked to the players about it yet, but tomorrow we’ll talk to them about pride, about giving a great victory so that our supporters are proud of our team. »

Christophe Galtier faces the club’s media

No controversy there, Galtier addresses the very high rate of 4 games in 10 days. « It generates fatigue, bruises, certain injuries, you have to be very vigilant about recovery, but without being at rest. There is also mental fatigue, which generates nervousness, especially since the results of our last games have not lived up to our expectations, both for the results and also the game. »

Messi present in collective training

Messi back from injury. Photos of Paris Saint-Germain somewhat reveal the collective training which took place behind closed doors this Friday morning. One of the images shows Lionel Messi with the ball in front of Marco Verratti and Warren Zaire-Emery.

RMC Sport announced in the middle of the week that a decision would be taken this Saturday by PSG for the participation of the Argentinian in the Classic against OM.

Messi had to forfeit the reception of Benfica on Wednesday in the Champions League.

PSG raises its voice in the face of rumors

Several sources close to the club indicate that the emerging rumors of a weakened Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, the arrival of an emissary and help from Qatar to clean up are complete and utter nonsense.

The club are simply stunned by the noise of the past few days, all based on rumours, briefings and diaries, with no substance – and where the accusations and the narrative have changed almost every minute, half the time completely contradicting each other .

« One moment the president is too committed, the next moment he’s apparently never around. The next moment Mbappé is moving tomorrow to Liverpool, then it’s Real Madrid. Maybe it’s- to be the next Moon. Unfortunately, from time to time we have these attacks, which all prove complete nonsense. The club continues to manage its affairs, the team has not lost a single game of the season, it has never been so close and we ignore the hysteria, » adds a source close to the club.

Nevertheless, according to our information, the various cases disrupt the daily life of the club. The atmosphere has been heavy at the Factory for several days.

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Galtier in conf’ at 1 p.m.

Christophe Galtier will be at a press conference and the Parisian coach, rather comfortable in his communication, should expect a heavy fire of questions on a wide variety of subjects. It will obviously be a question of the shock against OM on Sunday, perhaps to a particular taste for him, a native of Marseilles.

Nor should he escape questions about Kylian Mbappé’s desire to leave the club, nor about Mediapart’s revelations about the « digital army » aimed at leading destabilization campaigns against players (including Mbappé and Rabiot) or media on social networks and which would have been commissioned by the Parisian club.

A workout at 11 a.m.

PSG players have an appointment at 11 a.m. this Friday for training at Camp des Loges. It will take place behind closed doors when it is regularly open for 15 minutes to the press.

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