LIVE – OM: Longoria hopes to have his next coach before Monday

Pablo Longoria wants Tudor on the OM bench

According to information from RMC Sport, Pablo Longoria’s priority for the post of OM coach is Croatian coach Igor Tudor, who has greatly won over the Marseille president with his attacking play this season with Hellas Verona. Young (44), he speaks Italian perfectly and Longoria followed him even when he was a player at Juve.

Longoria and Tudor have already spoken at length. These discussions would have convinced Longoria that he is the man for the job. For the moment, the president of OM has not spoken with De Zerbi. Marcelino would have been another option as Longoria knows him very well (from Valencia) but this lead has yet to be explored. Pablo Longoria wants Tudor on the OM bench. Confidence reigns internally to have him signed and discussions will continue and perhaps be concluded by Monday.


McCourt’s reaction to Sampaoli’s departure

Longoria: « It’s everyone’s reaction. A reaction of sadness. His 2nd question: « what’s next? Frank, he’s a winner. We’re trying to be competitive. ‘be bigger and stronger every year.’

What future for Mandanda?

Longoria: « Since day one, I’ve said he’s a player to be respected. He’s a club legend. We talked. We have to make a decision together. There’s a lot of respect between us . »

On the Saliba case

Longoria: « William Saliba’s story is like a love story. He had an extraordinary performance with the club last season. He said many times how good he felt here. It’s a important thing. I thank him for everything he has expressed with regard to the club and the fans. We would be very happy to have a player of such a level. But there is another part. It does not depend not William Saliba, nor Olympique de Marseille. There is Arsenal and we have to respect this club with its strategies, its ambitions for the transfer window. I would be the happiest person in the world if tomorrow we had a player of the level by William Saliba.

What about the Sampaoli staff?

Longoria: « All the people who arrived with Jorge took the same methodology. Villas-Boas had done the same thing. We have to thank them. »

OM in difficulty on the transfer window?

Longoria: « Absolutely not. Gigot is a very good player. Touré too. It’s a very slow transfer window. Last season, the players only arrived in July. I feel comfortable with the transfer window. »

The departure of Sampaoli, a failure?

Longoria: « It’s never a failure, it’s sincerity. »

Longoria calls for patience in the transfer window

Longoria: « The owner’s timing is the same as that of the club. He continues to invest in the club. We have more resources than last season. The C1 makes it possible to retain players. You have to be patient in this transfer window. It’s a strategic transfer window. Selling players is important. We can say that we continue with the same squad, we want to be more competitive. We have to be active in the market. »

Who to replace Sampaoli?

Longoria: « We have already started working on the sequel. We are having conversations with candidates. We have a candidate in mind, this is the track we are going to favor. We want to give character. We must give a project development. The team starts its preparation on Monday. Our objective is to have the coach by the end of the week. »

How much is the departure from Sampoali

Longoria: « He gave up all his contracts. He left as a gentleman, as he arrived. He had enormous respect for the club. »

Lack of means ?

Longoria: « No, what allows us to play in the C1 is economic stability. It’s an important question. We have a solid owner. The level of ambition must be high in this club. »

On the instability at OM

Longoria: « OM are unstable by nature. Passionate people are unstable people. Continuity means pursuing the project. The team must be built around a game project, a coach. »

A problem of ambition?

Longoria: « Everyone has the same ambition, it’s a matter of time… The transfer window, we’re still waiting for Christmas presents (laughs). There’s the desire to play C1. I don’t think so that it’s a lack of ambition. It’s a question of time, how to get there… »

Longoria evokes « professional friction »

Longoria: « To prepare for a season, we started to work. It’s a project, everyone must go in the same direction. We are entering into moments of professional friction, not personal. I read his press release. He There was emotion and it is shared. It’s a question of timing. We decided that it was the best decision to separate us to protect the club. We have to think about the future. We must have hope. You have to give everything and continue to grow the project. »

Longoria thanks Sampaoli who behaved « honestly »

Longoria: « You have the news today. It’s not an easy day. We have decided by mutual agreement to separate with Jorge Sampaoli. I would like to thank him for all the moments lived together. C he is a friend and a person who behaved honestly. »

Longoria will speak soon

As a reminder, it is at 5 p.m. that Marseille president Pablo Longoria will hold a press conference following the departure of Jorge Sampaoli. A long-awaited press briefing to follow live with commentary, right here, on RMC Sport.

Sampaoli, more than a year at OM with ups and downs

Jorge Sampaoli and OM it’s over. Since his arrival in 2021, the Argentinian coach has regularly used pressure on his leaders as each transfer window approaches. While regretting that his game philosophy is not always understood by the followers of the Marseille club.

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Guendouzi definitely from Marseille

In the wake of the announcement of the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, OM formalized the exercise of the purchase option for Mattéo Guendouzi. The tricolor environment is Olympian in its own right.

As early as March, Pablo Longoria announced to RMC Sport that the former Arsenal player would be linked to OM until 2025.

Who to coach OM after the departure of Sampaoli?

Two days after resuming training, Pablo Longoria will have to find a new technician for OM. If some dream of Zinedine Zidane, several other profiles could correspond to the Marseille club.

RMC Sport has listed some of them, it’s up to you to discover them here.

When Sampaoli cast doubt on his future at OM

Pablo Longoria will speak to the press at 5 p.m. It was precisely in front of the journalists that Jorge Sampaoli wondered about his future at OM before the last day of the 2021-2022 season.

A sequence to find the.

All RMC Sport information on the departure of Sampaoli

If you missed the announcement of Jorge Sampaoli’s departure, here is a video with all the information from RMC Sport. An excellent catch-up for those who have not followed everything.

Sampaoli’s departure ignites social networks

News of Jorge Sampaoli’s departure from OM ignited social media on Friday.

Some mourn the Argentine coach or criticize him harshly while others regret the lack of ambition of the Marseille club. While the most optimistic begin to dream of prestigious replacements.

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Sampaoli bids farewell to the people of Marseille

Jorge Sampaoli posted a message on Instagram after leaving OM.

« As soon as I arrived in Marseille, I felt at home there, as if I had lived there all my life. OM is a passion. Every time I entered the Orange Vélodrome, my heart beat absolutely, » wrote the Argentine coach. « The last season has been incredible. Being the coach of this club has been a pleasure for me. I have been very happy.

My rhythm and my objectives are not the same as those of the leaders. There is nothing wrong with pretending different things. The important thing is to strive for excellence and to want the best for OM. I would like to thank Pablo Longoria and his work team for trusting me. Thanks to the players for making football such a beautiful sport. Thank you to all club employees for giving 100 % for the team. Thank you to the supporters, because without you, nothing would make sense. Until next time. »

Upcoming Pablo Longoria press conference

As explained in the press release, OM president Pablo Longoria will hold an emergency press conference at 5 p.m. It will be to follow on RMC Sport.

OM press release

The club press release: « Olympique de Marseille and Jorge Sampaoli announce their joint decision to end their collaboration. Jorge Sampaoli is the first coach to whom Pablo Longoria wished to entrust the destiny of the first team in February 2021. The he Argentinian coach took over the reins of the team in a particular context during the 2019/20 season.

Since his first day in Marseille, he has been fully invested in the establishment of a game philosophy and a conquering state of mind corresponding to the values ​​of Olympique de Marseille. It is therefore with emotion that the club and Jorge Sampaoli announce their joint decision to end their collaboration. OM would like to sincerely and warmly thank the work of Jorge Sampaoli. After 16 months of collaboration, this work has enabled the club to take a step forward in the construction of its new sporting project and to qualify directly for the UEFA Champions League.

We are satisfied with the progress made and the emotions experienced together, but following a long reflection, the two parties, who are acting in the interest of the Olympique de Marseille project, have agreed to put an end to this stage. . The club will now begin a new cycle which will be part of the continuity of the sports policy put in place by President Pablo Longoria since his arrival.

Pablo Longoria will speak at 5 p.m. during a press briefing at the club’s headquarters.

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Welcome to this direct dedicated to the last thunderclap on the side of OM, namely the surprise departure of Jorge Sampaoli. RMC Sport, confirming L’Equipe, explained at the start of the afternoon this Friday that the Argentine technician had submitted his resignation to the club. A Marseille club which then formalized the departure of its coach, two days after its recovery and about a month before the start of hostilities in Ligue 1.

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