LIVE – Nice-Slovacko: the people of Nice are not immune

Dante and Thuram get in each other’s way

On this corner taken from the right to the left, the Niçois are on the ball, which finally misses.

Delort’s big free kick!

Delort takes care of a good free kick full axis. His shot from the right forces Nguyen to make another big save! Corner for Nice.

Schmeichel saves his people!

Eccentric to the right, in the area, Tomic takes his chance, but Schmeichel has the last word!

The flag rises

It was Lotomba who was offside. However, the Niçois had been perfectly found, on a transverse.

Lotomba insists in front

He allows his people to get a corner, at the start of the second period.

Nice didn’t change anything

The same eleven Niçois started the second period.

Triple change at the break

On Slovacko’s side, Brandner, Travnik and Petrzela are replaced by Reinberk, Kohut and Sinyavskiy.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Nice engaged.

It’s halftime!

After the first 45 minutes of play, Nice leads against Slovacko (1-0), thanks to a goal from French midfielder Sofiane Diop (14th).

Nice often finds the frame

Nice has already scored five times, against once for Slovacko.

Diop is too short

Wanted in the area, Diop is preceded by Nguyen, with this ball too long.

Still no second goal for Nice!

In the area, on the left, Bryan can hit from the left, but his cross ball goes to the side!

Nice takes care of its stats

Nice have already struck seven times, against three attempts for Slovacko.

Delort goes on

On this corner taken from the right to the left, Delort, in the area, tries a header, but his ball slips past.

Another huge opportunity for Nice!

Served in the area, full axis, Delort continues with a shot from the right, in first intention, but Nguyen quickly lies down on the ground, on his left, to concede a new corner!

Pepe, once again dangerous!

Served on the right, Pepe, in the area, control of the chest, before chaining with a strike. He was aiming for the first post, but Nguyen intervenes, before also getting ahead of Lotomba! Corner for Nice.

Possession of the ball is for…

Nice, obviously (60% against 40% for Slovacko).

Thuram close to break!

Seriv on the right in the area, Thuram takes his chance from inside the right, but his attempt is too crossed and his ball flies wide!

Diop, him again!

A cross from the left finds, at the far post, Diop, who strikes from the right, but Nguyen intervenes! The Niçois was offside.

Pepe takes his chance

At the entrance to the surface, Pepe strikes with his left foot. His attempt is crossed and crushed. His ball has been touched and his ball ends up in a corner.

Tomic shows up

Tomic takes his chance from afar, but it flies away in the empty stand.

Nice in an armchair

The people of Nice have settled in the Slovacko camp and they are waiting before trying to create danger.

Bryan thought he would get a corner

But it will ultimately be a goal kick for Slovacko, who needs to breathe.

Dante continues to write history in Nice

Dante is playing his 214th match with Nice. Either better than Gregorini. He remains behind Varrault and Echouafni.

A reaction for Slovacko?

Nice have the ball, but Slovacko’s pressure is much higher.

Big first for Diop

Diop scores his very first goal in the colors of Nice.

Nice is already taking the lead!!!!

On the left side, Diop, perfectly well served, beforehand, by Bryan, takes the advantage over his opponent in one against one. Eccentric in the area, he shoots from the right, but Danicek blocks it and sends the ball into his own goal!

Watchful Schmeichel!

On this new free kick, the ball bounces just in front of Schmeichel who can lie down on the ball, just in front of his first post.

Nice puts itself in danger

Slovacko gets a second consecutive free kick near the Nice penalty area.

Slovacko attempts a reaction

The Czechs try to put their foot on the ball, without panicking.

Quiet start to the encounter

Nice still have their foot on the ball as much, but are not making much progress on the pitch.

Nice takes matters into its own hands

Nice have their foot on the ball and are trying to build their game.

Already a dangerous first attempt!

From a distance, full axis, Andy Delort, after an outside hook, then continues with a strike with the right foot. His ball flirts with the post!

Let’s go for the first period!

The kickoff was given and Slovacko engaged.

A game for Kalabiska?

Since the start of this Europa League Conference season, Slovacko’s top scorer has been Czech midfielder Jan Kalabiska (35), who has already scored three goals. For its part, Nice has already scored three goals, thanks to three different scorers: English defender Joe Bryan (29), Algerian striker Andy Delort (31) and Ivorian striker Nicolas Pepe (27).

Slovacko against the wall

For his part, Slovacko (one draw, two defeats) is last (as away) with one point, the second best attack, tied with FC Cologne (five goals scored) and the worst defense (eight goals conceded). ). A victory and the club would relaunch in the race for qualification.

Nice to get closer to the top spot

In the Group D standings, Nice (one win, two draws) is second (as at home) with five points, the worst attack (three goals scored) and the best defense (two goals conceded). A victory and the club will remain in contact with the first place occupied by Partizan Belgrade.

Slovacko travels hard

On October 2, in his championship, Slovacko won on the lawn of Zlin (0-2). His first victory away from his bases since August 25th.

Slovacko must garner

Slovacko, currently eleventh in the standings of his championship, has won only one of his last ten games. It was then on October 2, in the elite, on the lawn of Zlin (0-2). For also three draws but also and above all six defeats including two in his last two outings.

Nice remains fragile at home

Last Sunday, in Ligue 1, Nice won against Troyes (3-2). It was then his very first victory at home, and in all competitions, since the start of this season.

Nice to chain

The last defeat of Nice, currently thirteenth in the Ligue 1 standings, dates back to October 1. It was then in Ligue 1, on the lawn of PSG (2-1). Since then, in all competitions, the club has had two wins in a row.

Bis repetita for Nice?

The last confrontation between the two teams dates back to last Thursday. During the first leg, Nice then won on the lawn of Slovacko (0-1), thanks to a goal from the Ivorian striker Nicolas Pepe (54th).

… and on that of Slovacko

Compared to the last outing, last Sunday, in the league, against the Bohemians (2-4), Martin Svedik makes seven changes to his starting XI. Only Czech defender Michal Kadlec (37), Czech midfielder Vlastimil Danicek (31), Czech midfielder Marek Havlik (27) and Iraqi midfielder Merchas Doski (22) retain their holders.

Here is his 4-2-3-1: Nguyen – Tomic, Danicek, Kadlec (c), Kalabiska – Havlik, Travnik – Brandner, Petrzela, Doski – Mihalik.

Replacements: Frystak (g), Borek (g), Simko, Brecka, Holzer, Levin, Vecheta, Kohut, Kozak, Sasinka, Reinberk, Zinyavskiy.

Zoom on the starting line-up in Nice…

Compared to the last match, last Sunday, in Ligue 1, against Troyes (3-2), Lucien Favre makes only one small change in his starting lineup. Algerian defender Youcef Atal (26), absent, is replaced by Swiss defender Jordan Lotomba (24).

Here is his 3-4-3: Schmeichel – Todibo, Dante (c), Viti – Lotomba, Lemina, Thuram, Bryan – Pepe, Delort, Diop.

Replacements: Garrido (g), Boulhendi (g), Sorensen, Rosario, Brahimi, Ilie, Beka Beka, Laborde, Bard, Boudaoui, Mendy.

Absent: Ramsey.

A Welsh whistle

At the Allianz Riviera in Nice, the referee of the match will be the Welshman Iwan Griffith.

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