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Dduction of the gap of the Honduran! Adli shifts Mensah to the left side. The center of the Bordeaux side finds the head of Alberth Elis who deceives Sels at the far post.

Opportunity for Brest (54th)

On the left side, Duverne eliminates his vis-à-vis then crosses to Le Douaron. The recovery from the left of the Brest striker misses the frame of Bajic.

What an opportunity for Metz !! (50th)

Kouyaté fails to score point blank in the box. The ball is repelled by Omlin.


Very good one-two between Gameiro and Thomasson on the right side of the box. The first crosses back towards the far post. Dimitri Liénard arrives launched and concludes left foot.


Jordan Ferri throws Wahi deep. The Montpellier striker deceives Oukidja with a full-axis shot.

It is spread over all the lawns!

Bordeaux collapsed in Strasbourg (3-1)

While they were leading the score thanks to Hwang-Ui-Jo, the Girondins totally sank at the end of the first period. Thomasson, author of the equalizing goal then Gameiro on a penalty and Ajorque allow Strasbourg to glimpse the second period calmly.

Lorient non-existent in Troyes (2-0)

Montpellier dominates Metz (0-2)

Olivier Dall’Oglio’s men were the most realistic in this first period. The Messins had a few situations but were too ineffective. Savanier with a magnificent free kick and Mavididi on a school counterattack allowed the Hérault residents to return to the locker room with a comfortable lead.

Brest and Saint-Etienne neutralize each other (0-0)

Half time!

It’s a break on all the lawns!


Dimitri Liénard is launched on the left side and crosses the left in first intention. At the reception, Ajorque beats Costil with a knee goal. The Alsatians are taking a break from Bordeaux!


At the end of a Metz corner, the Montpellier ones launched the counter-attack. Wahi is launched in the depth before serving Mavididi in the axis. The Briton pivots on himself before piercing Oukidja. 2-0 for the Héraultais!


Kevin Gameiro takes Costil on the wrong foot and transforms the penalty. The Alsatians lead 2-1 against Bordeaux.

Penalty for Strasbourg! (40th)

Gregersen mows down Sissoko in the penalty area. Rather improbable fault of the Bordeaux defender, both feet off the ground.


Magnificent goal of number 11 Montpellier. On an eccentric free kick on the right side, the former Nîmes tries his luck directly. The ball hit Oukidja’s left post before entering the goal.


Bad return from the Lorient defense and the ball returns to Dingomé who serves Kouamé full axis near the surface. The Malian stands on his left foot and rolls a finesse shot that hits the post before shaking the nets.

Wahi can’t get his head back! (29th)

Free kick from Florent Mollet in favor of Montpellier. The former messin finds a perfect area for Wahi who cannot hit the ball with his head, hampered by Oukidja. The Hérault striker was, however, in an ideal position.

Opportunity for Strasbourg (27th)

Prcic launches Gameiro perfectly in depth. The Strasbourg striker fails against Costil on the right side of the area.

Huge opportunity for Le Douaron (24th)

On a free kick in favor of Brest, the ball is put away by Mounié in the area towards Le Douaron. Bajic barely intervenes in front of the Breton striker.


Frédéric Guilbert, inherits the ball on the right side. The former Caen delivers a perfect cross for Thomasson in the area. The Strasbourg midfielder deceives Costil with a powerful and unstoppable header.

Foul on Le Fée (20th)

The Lorient environment is retained by its Trojan counterpart Chavalerin. The Bretons benefit from a little air in a match still dominated by the Trojans.

Opportunity for Montpellier (17th)

Against Metz, the Montpellier residents are close to opening the scoring with an overflow from Mollet on the right side. His receding center was poorly controlled by Mavididi but the ball reached Wahi’s feet who ran into Oukidja at close range.

Strasbourg residents claim a hand (14th)

In the duel with Sissoko, Fransergio touches the ball with his hand in the area before restarting his camp. The action was verified by the VAR but the referee ultimately decides not to award a penalty.

Ball too deep for Hwang (12th)

The South Korean is wanted in depth on the left side. The ball is too long and flies out of goal for Sels.

Les Troyens outrageously dominate (9th)

The Bretons are completely deprived of the ball at the start of the match. The Aubois control the debates and dictate the pace of the match.


Yacine Adli progresses on the left side before getting back on his right foot. The player trained at PSG crosses to Hwang who deceives Sels with a head back to goal at the near post.


Magnificent cross from Dingomé on the left side for Renaud Ripart who concludes with his right foot at the penalty point. 1st goal in Ligue 1 this season for the former Nîmes.

Let’s go on the different lawns!

Win again for Strasbourg, reassure for Bordeaux

The Alsatians have had an excellent start to the season. 8th in Ligue 1, Julien Stéphan’s men are only 5 points behind Lens, 5th. Nevertheless, they remain on 3 consecutive draws. Opposite, Bordeaux occupies a sad 16th place and conceded a new setback last weekend at home against Brest (1-2). The Girondins have won only 2 of their last 10 games.

Negative spiral for Troyes and Lorient

In Troyes and Lorient, it is the disaster. The Aubois remain on 3 consecutive defeats against Lens, Saint-Etienne and Marseille and slip dangerously in the standings. Laurent Battles’ men occupy 17th place two points behind their evening opponent. The hake are 15th and have just chained 4 setbacks. The Bretons have not won since September 22 and a success against Nice 1-0.

Go on for Metz, win again for Montpellier

19th, the Messins remain on a beautiful victory acquired on the lawn of Nice, their second success only this season. Frédéric Antonetti’s men have the opportunity to continue this evening at Saint-Symphorien. Garnets are still awaiting their first home success this season. Opposite, Montpellier remains on second setback against Rennes (2-0) and Lyon (1-0). If successful tonight, Olivier Dall’Oglio’s men would come back up to Angers, 6th.

Break the dynamics of Brest for Sainté

Michel Der Zakarian’s men took a long time to start their season but it is now done and in what way. Unable to win in their first 11 games, the Brestois remain on an impressive series of 4 consecutive successes, the most recent of which on the lawn of Bordeaux (2-1). For their part, the Greens are still good last in Ligue 1 but have won 2 of their last 3 Ligue 1 games.

Strasbourg-Bordeaux lines

Strasbourg : Sels – Guilbert, Perrin, Nyamsi, Djiku – Liénard (c), Sissoko, Thomasson, Prcic – Gameiro, Ajorque

Bordeaux : Costil (c) – Kwateng, Mexer, Gregersen, Mensah – Fransergio, Adli, Onana – U. Hwang, Elis, Oudin

The compositions of Troyes-Lorient

Troyes : Gallon – Kaboré, Giraudon (c), Salmier, El Hajjam – N’Guessan, Tardieu, Chavalerin, Dingomé – Touzghar, Baldé

Lorient : Nardi – Hergault, Laporte, H. Mendes, Pétrot – Abergel (c), Le Fée, Monconduit, Loric – Laurienté, Moffi

The compositions of Metz-Montpellier

Metz : Oukidja – Bronn (c), Kouyaté, Jemerson – Pajot, N’Doram, Delaine, Centonze – Sarr, Nguette, De Préville

Montpellier : Omlin – Souquet, Cozza, Sakho, Ristic – Chotard, Savanier (c), Ferri, Mollet, Mavididi – Wahi

The compositions of Brest-Saint Etienne

Brest : Bizot – Hérelle, Chardonnet (c), Duverne, Pierre-Gabriel – Faivre, Agoumé, Belkebla – Mounié, Honorat, Le Douaron

Saint Etienne : Bajic – Sow, Trauco, Moukoudi, Camara (c) – Aouchiche, Moueffek, Gourna-Douath, Boudebouz – Khazri, Bouanga

Goodnight all !


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