Lisandru Olmeta confides after his victory at Euro U17

Winner of the Under-17 Euro with the France team, Lisandru Olmeta responded to the show’s invitation Rothen ignites this Monday on RMC. The goalkeeper of the France U17 team, son of the emblematic Pascal Olmeta, returned to the tricolor victory and responded with humor to the comparisons between him and his father.

The France under-17 team won the Euro U17 a few days ago by dominating the Netherlands in the final (2-1). Among the great artisans of this coronation for young tricolors, Lisandru Olmeta stood out in goal. Guest of the show Rothen ignites this Monday on RMC, the son of Pascal Olmeta savored the course of the team and delivered on his feelings during the competition.

« The Euro is incredible. It’s the culmination of a lot of work that we all did together during the preparation, welcomed the 16-year-old goalkeeper. I also thank the coaches of AS Monaco because they are the ones who trained me. I worked a lot to reach this level and I am very happy to have won. »

« He doesn’t talk to me too much about football »

Obviously happy for his son, Pascal Olmeta admitted to feeling immense pride. The member of the Dream Team RMC Sport however conceded that his son was already better than him at the same age and above all a little more serene in the cages. Lisandru Olmeta for his part spoke of his relationship with his father and the advice he could give him.

« He doesn’t talk to me too much about football. We have a father-son relationship more than between goalkeepers, said the doorman of the U17s of the France team. He knows how to tell me things, when things are not going well, he tells me and when it goes he tells me too. »

And the new European champion to recognize that he had not always wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps: « I was a striker until the age of 10. Then during a tournament I wanted to put goalkeeper to try. I also watched my dad’s videos but I’m not as crazy as him (laughs). Going to the fence? I’m not doing it yet. »

“I have already thought about going out like my father”

Called to continue his training on the side of AS Monaco, Lisandru Olmeta will try to continue his learning and his rise to the professional world. And who knows, despite this maturity which his father welcomes, the young tricolor goalkeeper could well offer the public a few rides stamped « Olmeta ».

Relaunched by Jérôme Rothen on the possibility of leaving his surface with the ball at his feet, Lisandru Olmeta does not forbid anything. Even if it doesn’t seem like it right away. « I’ve thought about it before (going out like my dad) but I’m still holding back, » joked the 16-year-old doorman in conclusion. In the Olmeta family, after the father, we ask for the son. And with a continental junior title already, his career got off to a good start.

Jean-Guy Lebreton with RMC

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