Lions: Aaron Rodgers ‘doesn’t respect us’

Detroit Lions safety DeShon Elliott can’t wait to do battle with the Green Bay Packers and their quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The two formations of the North section of the National Association have an appointment Sunday evening and a place in the playoff is the key. Indeed, the Packers (8-8) will be post-season if they win, while the Lions (8-8) must win and hope for a defeat of the Seattle Seahawks (8-8) for that their campaign continues.

« They [les Packers] don’t respect us. A-Rod doesn’t respect us, this whole team doesn’t respect us,” claimed Elliott a few days before the duel.

« We are used to being the ‘underdogs’. No matter what happened before, we will fight to the death and play football to crush them. It’s a matter of respect. »

Elliott continued his tirade blaming Rodgers, but didn’t elaborate on what the 39-year-old pivot said that set him on fire.

« Yes, [Rodgers est] a future Hall of Famer, but I didn’t like how he talked about my guys all season and how this team sees us. We want to prove something to them.”

Earlier this season, on November 6, the Lions defeated the Packers 15-9. .

“It will hurt for a long time,” added the man who suffered three interceptions during this duel.

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