Lionel Messi’s big debut in L1


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Premiere night. Auguste-Delaune will have had the honor to welcome the debut of Lionel Messi (34 years old) in Ligue 1. Arrived this summer at the end of his contract with FC Barcelona, ​​the Argentinian, present in the group for the first time of the season, played for a good half hour at this Stade de Reims-Paris SG (0-2, 4th day of L1). A few deviations from the left, a few exchanges with Kylian Mbappé, a few stamps received, a strict individual marking by Marshall Munetsi: this is the summary of this French entry into the six-fold Ballon d’Or.

The 20,525 spectators present did not ask for more. As of the announcement of the composition of the teams, the name of the recent winner of the Copa América was indeed applauded while the other Parisians were ignored. Everyone was watching his every move. He did not come out in the pre-match warm-up, like all the substitutes, which is quite unusual. At the break, he was also not in the warm-up led by Sebastiano Pochettino.

A hug with Henry and a banner … Reims

Intercepted at the break by a supporter who came to ask for and obtain an autograph on the fly, the left-hander especially raised the crowds when he left, accompanied by Ander Herrera and Presnel Kimpembe, to warm up. At last. A clamor then seized the stands. Almost embarrassed, the person responded with friendly greetings. Ten minutes to get underway before joining the Parisian bench to put on his flocked jersey of No. 30. A race which also almost eclipsed Kylian Mbappé’s second goal, so much the attention of the crowd was on the South American.

After a hug to Neymar, who gave up his place, the native of Rosario therefore trod for the first time a lawn of the French championship under the vivas of the public and the encouragement of the Parisian fans who made the trip. An event that will obviously be a landmark. The locals also wanted to mark the occasion by deploying at the end of the match to the six-fold Ballon d’Or, which the latter signed after a hug with Thierry Henry, his former partner at Barça, now a consultant for Amazon Prime Video, before joining the locker room to applause.

Pochettino seduces, Reims too

At a press conference, Mauricio Pochettino appreciated this success. “I thought he was good. From his first touches, he gave security and serenity to the team. From the start, it’s never easy, even if it’s Lionel Messi. I’m happy with his debut with the victory, I saw him well and happy, well integrated into the team, happy to be able to help win ”, released the Argentine coach, delighted with the impact of his compatriot on the whole group. “The motivation is there among the competitors, he has a career, an energy, a personality that radiates and disseminates this optimism within the group. The atmosphere in the team has been very good since we have been together ”, he added.

In his opponents too, the effect is undeniable. At the final whistle, goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic even asked him to strike a pose with his baby in his arms, that’s to say! « Yes, it’s impressive, we’ve been watching it since childhood on TV, we’ve seen him play in the Champions League, it’s impressive, but it doesn’t distract, it’s a pleasure to have him in his championship and challenge him « , sent central defender Andreaw Gravillon to reporters. Messimania is probably only just beginning.


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