Lionel Messi would be France’s 200th fortune

August 16, 2021 at 8:50 PM by Emmanuel Bernard

Messi fortune
Lionel Messi would be richer than Jean-Michel Aulas.

Who says he, or one of the greatest footballers in history, says a proper lifestyle. It means being world famous, widely adored around the world, but sometimes jealous, and that means enjoying better professional conditions than the rest of the players on the planet. Lionel Messi is strong, very strong, so he is rich. Very rich. With PSG, he has just signed for two years, plus an optional season and an estimated salary of $ 41 million net, per fiscal year.

€ 41m net per year at PSG for Lionel Messi

This is only part of the income earned by the Argentine striker. In addition, there are all kinds of bonuses, individual, collective, signature, ethics, etc. As well as image rights and sponsorship income. According to Forbes Among the best paid athletes in 2021, Lionel Messi is second with 130 million dollars to his credit, estimated (110 M €). He is, with Cristiano Ronaldo, the footballer who wins the most in the world.

A fortune estimated to be greater than that of Aulas

His fortune is more uncertain. But according to the German specialized media, Vermoegen Magazin, it is around 510 million euros, this year 2021. In this case, that means for the striker with the six trophies of the Golden Ball, that he is one of the 200 largest fortunes in France, taking as a basis the ranking recently published by the magazine, Challenge. This is notably more than the estimate given to the boss and main shareholder of Olympique Lyonnais, rival, the businessman, Jean-Michel Aulas. According to Challenge, his fortune this year amounts to 420 million euros.

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