[L’industrie c’est fou] Bugatti enters the electric scooters market

December 31, 2021 edition

Have you always dreamed of driving a Bugatti, but never had the means? Rejoice: you may soon be able to buy one of their vehicles without having to mortgage your home. However, do not expect to be able to make your machine roar to proudly spin at more than 400 km / h, because this new product is not a supercar, but … an electric scooter.

Presented at CES 2022, this two-wheeler was manufactured with the collaboration of the American company Bytech, specializing in new technologies. Thanks to a 700 W motor, its top speed can reach 30 km / h in sport mode and its removable battery, with a capacity of 360 Wh, gives it a range of 35 kilometers. It will take about four hours for a full charge from a household outlet. The magnesium alloy allows it to stay below the 16 kilogram mark.


A turning point for Bugatti

The performances announced are not revolutionary, but Bugatti is distinguished above all by its unique design. The slender curves, the typical blue, the white letters on a red background … Fans of the manufacturer from Molsheim (Bas-Rhin) will immediately recognize his paw. A little extra nod: when the scooter is in motion, a light signal projects the brand’s logo, EB, on the back, which corresponds to the initials of its founder. Finally, the vehicle is also equipped with indicators and a digital dashboard providing information on driving.

Neither the marketing date nor the purchase price have yet been specified. But specialists in new mobility will follow this project closely, especially since it is the very first 100% electric vehicle developed by Bugatti. A major step in the transformation of the company, which passed under the control of Croatian Rimac, an expert in the sector, last July. Bugatti will nevertheless have to work together to impose its electric scooters, because several car manufacturers (BMW, Lamborghini, Seat or Audi) also hope to conquer this market.

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