Lillard drops his favorite position 3 in the league … and snubs KD!

Kevin Durant’s teammate at the Olympic Games, Damian Lillard once again witnessed his exceptional level. However, despite the huge start to the season of the Slim Reaper, he prefers a player much more unknown as a favorite winger in the NBA!

Retained by Gregg Popovich to represent Team USA in Japan, he tried to swap his player cap for that of GM, and so recruit some pretty names in Portland. Missed. From then on, Damian Lillard was satisfied with his role as titular leader of the American selection during the last Olympic Games. A status that allowed him to observe in a privileged way the crazy performances of the leader of the team.

Logically elected MVP of the competition, Kevin Durant showed all his qualities on Japanese soil, allowing his teammates to return to the United States with a gold medal around their neck. His performances could thus have made Dame indebted, he who recently named his position 3 favorite in the league. However, the leader of the Blazers preferred a player much less referenced.

Damian Lillard in adoration in front of Mikal Bridges

In a recent interview with Chris Haynes and Yahoo Sports, Lillard is poured out on the Suns, and on the qualities which allowed them to reach the Finals last year. A course that DOLLA dreams of, but that he has not managed to achieve in Portland so far. The latter therefore praised the composition of the Monty Williams roster, and dubbed a certain… Mikal Bridges!

If you look at Phoenix, they don’t have a lot of stars. They have guys who are really good at what they do and who understand their role. Chris Paul and Devin Booker are All-Stars, but Deandre Ayton is a quality pivot, Jae Crowder is a good experienced stretch-four who is rough, Cam Johnson is good too, and Mikal Bridges is my favorite winger in the league. Just looking at how this team was designed, you can see how they came out of the West to reach the Finals.

10th pick of the 2018 Draft, Bridges did not land in the NBA with immense hype. It nevertheless justifies the bet taken by its leaders since last season, during which it really exploded. Ultra-strong defensively, the 25-year-old winger is becoming more and more famous in attack, with averages of 14.0 points, 54.3% shooting and 40.0% at 3 points this year.

He therefore obviously deserves praise from Lillard, who would have a perfect place in a Blazers team that is still too permissive in defense (109.3 points conceded per game, 20th best team in the league). From there to see it more beautiful that a Durant at his peak in recent weeks… Lady is not likely to receive approvals following this statement!

Tastes and colors cannot be discussed, not even the fact that Damian Lillard prefers Mikal Bridges to Kevin Durant. After all, everyone has a darling that is far from the spotlights in the league!

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