Lillard balances a controversial Insta post … then deletes

Damian Lillard and the Blazers have just experienced a new setback… For the second straight season, they will not pass the first round of the playoffs! If the leader is usually very calm, he seemed to lose patience after the setbacks with a controversial Instagram post!

For the second consecutive season, the Blazers of Damian lillard were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs… Results which are undoubtedly very far from the expectations of the All-Star leader, who has established himself for several years as one of the best leaders in the league. Unfortunately, he does not evolve in a workforce at the height of his talent!

CJ McCollum is a decent lieutenant, but after so many years and so many failures he doesn’t seem to be the one who will help Dame reach the top … Likewise, Jusuf Nurkic and Enes Kanter have too many defensive gaps to contend with the best teams in the conference like the Lakers or the Nuggets therefore.

If he loves Portland and his life in Oregon, if he knows he is capable of supporting a team, Damian Lillard must start to feel the frustration… Moreover, his last Instagram post was controversial! Only a few minutes after the elimination of his own, he really seemed to lose patience with his team!

“How long do I need to stay motivated? How long before the opportunities are up to the preparation ”- Nipsey Hussle

The frustration seems perfectly clear in the quote used by Damian Lillard. Since his arrival in Oregon he has killed himself in the task, chained the legendary games in the playoffs, like his recent heatstroke against Denver, but it’s never enough to touch the Finals with your finger… At almost 31 years old, it is logical that he is asking himself certain questions!

Dame should therefore soon be faced with his values ​​and his declarations … For many years he confessed to wanting to stay in Portland, even if it means not winning a title in his career, but that could change with age and the lack of progress in the workforce. The point guard could become the most coveted man in the league!

Damian Lillard will undoubtedly spend the summer with the hope of seeing reinforcements land! And if this is not the case, he may think about packing his bags …

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