Ligue 1. Why will the assist record be broken this season?

10 assists in 14 days. Lionel Messi panics the statistics in Ligue 1. The pocket Argentinian of PSG seems to be on track to break records with his average of 0.8 offering per game (he only played 12 games).

If he continues at this rate, the seven-time Ballon d’Or could finish the year with… 30 assists. A maddening total. The record held by Angel Di Maria, with 18 assists, is therefore greatly in danger this season.

Neymar also claiming the record

Another Parisian started the season on the hats, it is Neymar. The Brazilian already totals 9 assists. The winner of the 2016 Olympics would end the season with 26 units, eight more than Di Maria, continuing on the same dynamic. The total made by the current player of Juventus Turin is therefore doubly in danger.

An X factor could possibly save him: the World Cup, which could stop the momentum of the two South Americans. But given the pace at which they left, difficult to imagine this performance to last one more season.

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Rothen subtlety

By breaking the record, they would in any case put an end to a debate. Indeed, the former Monegasque and Parisian Jérôme Rothen would also be joint holder of the record for assists in Ligue 1. He would have totaled 18 offerings for his teammates during the 2002-2003 season, when he played in the Principality. Only downside, the classification of the time was kept by the newspaper L’Équipe. The League had not established any precise data on the subject.

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