Ligue 1: why the TFC match in Troyes is the real war of Toulouse

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This Sunday, August 14, the Violets travel to Aube for the third day of the Championship. They will challenge a team concerned, a priori like them, by the bottom of the table.

Sunday August 7, during the first day of Ligue 1, the TFC stood up to OGC Nice at the Stadium, and that’s not nothing. If the draw may have seemed frustrating given the scenario of the match, the first point won by the Violets this season satisfied everyone, starting with Stijn Spierings who declared after the match: « If we had been able to sign for this result before kick-off, we would have done it. »

For his part, coach Philippe Montanier conceded that Toulouse and Nice, who will play the Europa League Conference this season, « do not box in the same category ».

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Troyes, on the other hand, looks much more like an opponent of the caliber of TFC. Featherweight budget of Ligue 1, the team promoted a year ago ended the previous year in an honorable 15th place, 6 points ahead of the Saint-Etienne barrage. If we handed a pen to the TFC side, many of them would probably grab it and sign for a similar result… Even if at the start of the season, Tef has the right to dream bigger.

“These will be important points”

Asked if there is a mini-championship concerning teams like Troyes or Toulouse likely to evolve at the bottom of the table, Philippe Montanier clearly answers: « For the moment, we have no idea. We will see more clear after a dozen days, but today, we can’t move forward. I don’t think anyone last season planned the failures of Bordeaux and Saint-Étienne. Football has this magical side, it’s unpredictable. »

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On the side of the Pink City and the TFC, which announced at the end of the week that it had reached the bar of 12,750 subscribers, a record, the magic is still working. And to maintain it, only one recipe: winning. « It is important, when you are promoted, to take points quickly, for confidence and to get on the right track », knows the Toulouse coach.

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The next two deadlines therefore seem all designed to achieve this, with this trip to Troyes then the reception of Lorient, next Sunday, before a more delicate end of August on paper, which will see Toulouse move to Nantes having to receive Paris.

« It’s true that when we go to play teams that are not in the top 10, these will be important points », concedes Montanier, before adding that « whatever the teams we face, Troyes Lorient or Nice, we always have the feeling of wanting to win everything ».

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