Ligue 1: « We are disappointed », the reactions after the heavy defeat of Montpellier on the lawn of Paris SG


Olivier Dall’Oglio was very disappointed at the end of the large defeat conceded in Paris (5-2), Saturday August 14 at the Parc des Princes, during the second day of the League. Six goals conceded, but also somewhat easy ball losses which put Montpellier in difficulty.

Do you retain the two goals scored or the six goals conceded?

We are disappointed as are the players. I’m disappointed because we made a good start. We were disciplined, united until a certain moment. The end of the first half and the start of the second hurt us. We were not well immediately after the recovery. I can have regrets on the losses of a little easy ball. We must not give too many easy balls to this team. We are able to do better at this level. A satisfaction? we followed the instructions. We need to be more rigorous. I’m happy to have scored two goals in Paris.

What did you think of Téji Savanier’s match?

We know the quality of Teji. We know his quality of passing, the technique. I ask him to have a defensive role, like last week, he does. Offensively, that’s not my problem. We scored two goals against this big team. On a collective technical level. If he gets close to the goal, he can score.

Why did you choose towork with a four-man defense? Why did you bring Sakho in?

We played four last week. We had no problems with discipline. None of my defenders are essential starters. I need to see some things. We know what Mamadou did here. In terms of sport and management, it was important to him to play here. It is important to him that the team performs well.

What did you think of Paris?

I felt a lot of connections, links between them. There is a real desire to play together. That’s a hell of an armada. Their state of mind and their desire make the difference. This was sometimes missing in previous seasons.

Did you feel that the defense played a little too short at times in their relaunch?

I would have liked to get the ball out better. Sometimes we played long. If the ball comes back it’s exhausting. Playing long is good if you can progress in the game. You have to find the balance, it’s the balance that interests me. I regret the too easy ball losses. We can take an example from PSG. Who does simple but clean things. Sometimes we forget that simplicity is a strength.

What did you think of central defence?

Sometimes there are guilty hesitations. It’s related to a lack of attention. It’s a big test for us. We must take example from the determination and the attention shown by the players of Paris. We were disconnected sometimes. I cannot ask a player who played last year in N2 to be immediately at this level. These are matches that must teach the group.

What did you think of Neymar?

I don’t have an anti-Neymar plan. He likes to touch the ball, caress it before triggering actions. His talent makes the difference when he is connected like that, he is a very high level player. I wish him to keep a certain continuity.

Christophe Galtier: « I am very satisfied »

Christophe Galtier (Paris SG coach): « I’m very satisfied with the team. It’s a great victory. The ten minutes when we were less compact gave situations to the opponent. The team had a less good shot at one point. Both that we exerted a lot of pressure, we didn’t concede any chances.When we relaxed, we gave space to Montpellier, who scored two goals.

For this match, the order of the shooters was respected on the field. Kylian had to shoot first, Neymar the second. Kylian (Mbappé) had only played thirty minutes. He needs to find his marks, his technical accuracy. Over time it has been very interesting. I made him play more than expected because we are entering the competition.

Since July 4, Neymar has been beyond reproach. He arrived ready. He performs well in all matches. He works well for the team. I have nothing to reproach him for. Nobody knows what will happen until the end of the transfer window. Everyone is very satisfied with his performance and behavior. »


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