Ligue 1: « The wheel will turn » for AC Ajaccio

This is the phrase that Olivier Pantaloni repeated several times after the match against Nice this Sunday. A match that AC Ajaccio lost despite once again very interesting content. A new blow to the head, but also grounds for hope for a coach « convinced » that the team will end up being rewarded for their will and their efforts.

An eternal restart. This is what the start of the ACA season looks like. After each meeting, the analysis is more or less the same: the Ajaccian formation is on an equal footing with its adversaries but loses. And it is with regret that the team ends all its matches. This observation is perhaps even truer with regard to of the Nice reception this Sunday. A European opponent but takeable on what he has shown so far.

And this time, the ACA managed to do better than even play. Especially in the first act, during which the Ajacciens were dominating in the duels and incisive. Even in the offensive animation, where everything seemed difficult and predictable until now, we saw much better, with varied attacks and shifts found. Olivier Pantaloni agrees: “Yes, there is progress. We had more accuracy in the game with Yoann (Touzghar) and Romain (Hamouma), speed on the sides, it was quite interesting. We must continue to work on it so that we are even more efficient at this level..

A Touzghar who, without being 100%, has shown great things and already some automatisms with the former Stéphanois.

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While Spadanuda, who was perhaps the best Ajaccien at the start of the game, came out injured after half an hour of play. Like a twist of fate, like also this action where Dante escapes the exclusion while Touzghar starts on goal. “We have to turn the wheel in the right direction by continuing with this state of mind”, insists Pantaloni still confident despite the delicate situation. Since with a fifth consecutive defeat and a single point taken in seven days, the ACA remains red lantern, now four points behind the penultimate. Not yet prohibitive, but it still starts to count. What he lacked in this meeting in the end was efficiency, again and again.

« We are in the right »

The coach is aware of it, the players too. They who have only scored three goals this season, making it the worst attack in the championship. What is needed now is « increase in quality our offensive situations to score more ».

And continue to believe in it, despite the defeats, despite the ranking, despite this new blow to the head. “This is what we noted in the locker room after the meeting. It hurts to lose when you expend so much energy, when you put interesting things in place and there is still no point”confirms the Ajaccien coach. “To say that it is not on everyone’s mind would be to lie, and that would mean that we are not aware of the situationsupports for his part Mathieu Coutadeur. But we are not at all fatalistic. There are good things, yes, but you need the little extra, to be convinced that it will happen with work and that it will turn out”.

 » A click « . This is the word spoken by Yoann Touzghar and Olivier Pantaloni after the meeting and this is what the Ajacciens are now expecting. And this one could well go through a first opening of the score this season. “It would change the face of our meetings. And we would see how we react to teams that have to give themselves up.says the coach. « We are in the rightcontinues Touzghar. It lacks a bit of accuracy on the penultimate or last pass”.

It is certainly on this aspect that the players will work this week before traveling to Brest next Sunday. A match already capital?  » Not yetsmiles Pantaloni. But it would be good to go for a positive result ”. Just to pick up the rankings and spend a slightly more serene international break. “I am convinced that by continuing to keep this will, it will turn around and we will be rewardedrepeats the coach. It’s impossible for it to go on like this. ».

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