Ligue 1: The DNCG confirms the supervision of the OM payroll

The DNCG does not let go of the OM. This Friday, the body announced that it will continue « supervision of the wage bill and transfer payments« . In July, the DNCG had already imposed the same framework for the payroll and transfer allowances on the OM and a new stage point had been set in November. The body therefore ruled that the situation had not changed much and maintained its decision. At OM, we judge without further comment that this decision is « binding« but we remind you that it is not for all that »impossible to recruit« .

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After the announcement of the first decision of the DNCG on July 2, OM had also recruited several players during the summer transfer market (Under, Guendouzi, Luan Peres, Saliba …). After blocking the arrival of Amine Harit in the last hours of the transfer window, the DNCG also ended up registering the Moroccan’s contract, several players in the workforce having accepted a staggered payment of their salaries. The new decision of the DNCG comes just hours after the press conference of Jorge Sampaoli, the OM coach, who did not hide that he would like to have reinforcements during the winter transfer window.

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« This club needs players with status, confirmed players, finished. We don’t have that yet. We fight every day to explain it to Pablo Longoria. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not. But that’s not necessarily the president’s fault. There is an owner who decides« , explained the Argentinian. »But in Marseille, there is always an obligation of excellence, even when some players are not yet at this level of excellence.« , he added. Fourth in the league after a rather successful start to the season, OM remains an economically fragile club which has recorded losses for several seasons.

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