Ligue 1 – Stade Brestois: no communication on the coronavirus tests before the trip to PSG

Two days before the trip from Stade Brestois to Paris for the 21st day of Ligue 1, Michel Der Zakarian did not not communicated precisely on the state of his group. « There will be practically everyone« he replied at first, but he did not want to reveal the results of the coronavirus tests carried out by the Ty Zefs. »We don’t communicate about it« said the Brest coach, who had done so last week before the Nice reception.

The tests have been done and it will be redone this Friday morning

« The doctor said we weren’t communicating about it« summons MDZ, »but we follow League protocol no matter what. The tests have been done and it will be redone this Friday morning« . Does that suggest anything, between the lines? »We don’t say if we have cases or not« replied Michel Der Zakarian again, perhaps imitating the vagueness maintained by some coaches last week, and perhaps also wanting to avoid criticism while some appeared when the Brestois argued, there is a week, be spared from the virus.

No injuries this week

Before concluding, the technician of Ty Zefs clarified « that there were no injuries during the weekAs it stands, he therefore remains deprived of Romain Del Castillo and Sébastien Cibois.

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