Ligue 1 – PSG – Mbappé and his future: « Whatever happens, I’m going to play in a big club »


A decisive entry in Lens on Saturday night (1-1), nine goals and thirteen assists in all competitions this season: Kylian Mbappé is undoubtedly the strong man of the Parisian offensive sector, while Neymar is injured and Lionel Messi struggles to fully launch his Parisian adventure. We almost forget that the French striker will be at the end of his contract on June 30. And that the question of his future will be hot again in the months to come.

A subject briefly mentioned by the former Monegasque at the microphone of Prime Video, in an interview with Thierry Henry. « The future? Someday there is, someday there is something else. There are so many new things happening that today you have to take the time. It is a decision that is not easy. . Whatever happens I’m going to play in a big club « , explained the 2018 world champion, who then returned to his aborted transfer to Real Madrid last summer.

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I always said I was great

« When people said to me ‘aren’t you too disappointed not to be transferred?’… Yes, a little bit at the beginning, it’s normal when you want to leave. But I was not in National, I was in a club that wants to win the Champions League. And besides, I am Parisian, I am at home, I have my family here. I always said that I was super good. It’s just that that moment, I wanted to discover something else « , he confessed.

This did not prevent the Blues striker from performing this season. « It is sure that I am in a great period, the team is doing well, I can help him as much as possible », recognized the Parisian star. For another seven months, and then goes? This is, a priori, the meaning of history. But by then, it is on the ground that Mbappé intends to talk about him.

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