Ligue 1 – PSG – Kylian Mbappé criticized in Argentina: « His words are unfair »

This is a statement that has not really been digested in Argentina. In an interview, broadcast Monday, to the Brazilian channel TNT Sports, Kylian Mbappé had estimated, while finding extenuating circumstances, that South American football is « not as advanced » than its European rival, hence the victory of European countries at the last World Cups.

« The advantage we have, we Europeans, is that we always play among ourselves and we have high-level matches all the time, such as the Nations League for example« , said the PSG star. « When we arrive at the World Cup we are ready. Brazil and Argentina do not have this level« . Lautaro Martinez, striker of an Argentina who won the Copa America in 2021 and has been unbeaten for 31 matches, said in response « very happy with where we are now« .

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« The results are coming, we work quietly and with a lot of confidence« , he said. Mbappé’s words « seemed unfair to me« , he said on Friday when asked about the TyC Sports channel. « Brazil and Argentina have top players, (…) a group where the majority of players play in Europe“, recalled the striker who himself evolved at Inter Milan.

When an Englishman goes to train with England, he is there in half an hour

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez for his part implicitly agreed with Mbappé on difficulties specific to South American football, believing that Europeans « don’t know » what it means to evolve in the South American selection, with the playing conditions. or travel, for example for a player like him playing at Aston Villa (ENG). « Every time you travel to join the national team, it’s two days between trips, you’re exhausted and you can’t train much. When an Englishman goes to train with England, he is there in half an hour…« 

« If Real loses the final, it will expose itself to the Mbappé earthquake »

He invited Europeans to « go play in Bolivia, Colombia or Ecuador, see if it’s so easyisland. « Play »Bolivia in La Paz (3,600 meters above sea level, NDR), Ecuador with 30 degrees, Colombia where you can’t breathe… They always play on perfect pitches, watered, they don’t know what is South America“, added the doorman of the selection.

Argentina face Italy on June 1 at Wembley for the « Finalissima » which opposes the winner of the Copa America to the European champion. « We are preparing for this match, to give the best, and then we will start thinking about the World Cup“, concluded Lautaro Martinez.

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