Ligue 1 or Ligue 2, Bordeaux is already thinking about next season – Girondins


At the dawn of the 33rd day, the Girondins de Bordeaux are not yet mathematically condemned. But yet the leaders and the shareholders are already turned towards a possible scenario of descent into Ligue 2.

A business plan for next year

According to the sports daily l’Équipe, Gérard Lopez, president of the Girondins de Bordeaux, remains convinced that the Girondins will be in Ligue 1 next year despite the rout in Lyon (Editor’s note 6-1). Bordeaux is currently in 19th place in Ligue 1, 3 points behind Clermont.

However internally, a business plan was proposed to the main shareholders of the club. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of the FCGB and to regain financial stability.

Thus, Fortress and King Street have accepted these economic forecasts. This plan aims in the event of relegation the elimination of a hundred jobs within the club indicates the Team. But above all, it is set up to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Indeed, it is specified that to achieve this objective, the Girondins will have to try to stay in Ligue 1, or not stay more than one season in Ligue 2.

What face for Bordeaux next season?

The 2022-2023 sports forecast promises to be agitated for the Girondins de Bordeaux.

Indeed, still according to L’Équipe, in the event of maintenance: the club will have to ensure a stable economic model, and therefore pay the deficit it has today.

For this, several high-value players could pack their bags this summer. Hwang Ui-Jo, Alberth Elis and Junior Onana would have an exit voucher to bail out the club’s coffers. Intelligent recruitment and greater confidence in the training center to maintain high-level competitiveness will be necessary. What to consider a restless summer at the Girondins.

In addition, the summer transfer window should not change, whether in the event of maintenance or relegation. Effectively, players with the highest market values ​​will leave. Vegetating in Ligue 2 for several seasons could be fatal for the club, as Girondins general manager Thomas Jacquemier told L’Équipe several months ago: “No life in Ligue 2”.

Nevertheless, the future of the Marine et Blanc still remains sportingly in suspense at the end of the season. And, all eyes are already on the preparation for next season.


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