Ligue 1: Montpellier resumes the thread of its season this Sunday in Strasbourg

After a fortnight of forced truce, Montpellier HSC is finally back on the pitch for a first L1 meeting in 2022 and a trip to diminished but vindictive Alsatians, this Sunday, January 16.

Montpellier picks up the thread. At the forced stop after the postponement of Troyes last week, he hangs up the wagons of his season, this Sunday in Strasbourg.

At the La Meinau stadium, much less noisy because of the gauge, it will be a question of continuing to lead the way. And to continue a series more seen since the splendor of the title of champion in 2012.

Five successes in L1, unheard of since 2010

This afternoon, without its coach Olivier Dall’Oglio, who tested positive for Covid on Friday and stayed in Hérault, the MHSC can add a 5th consecutive success in L1 to its counter, a first since 2010, and a 7th since the 1st. December in all competitions.

The whole question is therefore whether or not he was slowed down in his high-speed momentum by the postponement against Estac, when he is preparing to play three matches in the space of a week ( Strasbourg, Troyes and Monaco).

« We would have liked to play this match in front of Troyes, not to have three matches in the week, because that can affect our physical level, the fatigue of the workforce. »

« I hope it wasn’t negative, breathed Joris Chotard on Friday. We would have liked to play this match in front of Troyes, not to have three games in the week, because that can affect our physical level, the fatigue of the workforce. »

Since the group, tested on Saturday, was spared by the Covid, its batteries are close to the optimal level. And it’s a lesser evil when it comes to challenging Racing.

#RCSAMHSC The Montpellier group ✔️

? 19 players called up
? Objective VICTORY

— MHSC (@MontpellierHSC) January 15, 2022

Strasbourg without Ajorque and Diallo, 50% of his goals

Also launched at top speed in a more accomplished start to the season since the 1996-97 fiscal year, the RCSA is spitting fire. Nice (3-0), Bordeaux (5-2) or Metz, sounded on their land 2-0 last week, got burned there recently. When Montpellier, he played Alsatians (1-0), on January 2 at La Mosson, during the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. Enough to feed « a feeling of bitterness » or « revenge » predicts Chotard.

Except that the Alsatians are diminished, very diminished even, deprived especially of Ludovic Ajorque (suspended) and Habib Diallo (CAN), or 50% of the goals of the second attack of L1 (18 out of 36). « It’s not neutral for a team like Strasbourg, admitted yesterday the Strasbourg technician, Julien Stephan. But in this case, either we complain, or we take it as a challenge. And we don’t want to complain « .

Lately, Montpellier did not like winter

Montpellier either. But beware of being already beautiful in the East, warns Pascal Baills. « If we prepare ourselves psychologically like that, it won’t do it. On the contrary, we want to mobilize everyone, regardless of the Strasbourg team ».

« We want to mobilize everyone regardless of the Strasbourg team. »

We do not learn to grimace at the ex-defender, historical deputy propelled for the umpteenth time on the front of the stage and well aware of the recent failings of the MHSC. To the detriment of winter, it has squandered its dreams of Europe in recent seasons.

He holds them in his hands again, but « let’s not put extra pressure on ourselves », urges Baills. « Let’s have fun, take the points and we’ll see where we are ». Starting with Strasbourg.

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