Ligue 1: Messi smuggler but still angry with the amounts

Again decisive passer against Brest this Saturday (1-0), Lionel Messi continues to delight his partners failing to find the net. The Argentinian has seven assists to his name in as many games. His curse with the amounts continues with a 13th touchdown since arriving in Ligue 1.

If Neymar and Kylian Mbappé lead the way in the scorer rankings and make a historic start in Ligue 1, Lionel Messi is boxing in another category: that of smugglers. Failing to find the way to the nets as much as his partners, the Argentinian chained the assists. Against Brest this Saturday, the 35-year-old striker delivered his seventh offering of the season by finding Neymar in the box before the Brazilian took charge of a wonderful conclusion.

With seven assists in as many games, the former star of FC Barcelona continues to be decisive over the meetings. On the last three posters in Ligue 1, he has also distilled five. After seven rounds, the striker has already reached half of his 14 offerings from last year in the league. The same goes for his goals counter since he already has three goals against only 6 last season.

The black series with the uprights continues

Facing Brest, the Argentinian could also have been a scorer but stumbled on Marcel Bizot’s post. His curse with the uprights had a lot of talk last season and seems to be continuing this year. Quite a staggering statistic, Lionel Messi has hit a post for the 13th time since his arrival in Ligue 1. This is more than he has scored in the French championship.

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