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As the 2022 World Cup approaches, the eyes of football fans are more than ever riveted on the club from the French capital. Acquired ten years ago, the club that was in trouble in Ligue 1 has become in a few years one of the main players on the world football scene. With ever more impressive recruitment and a very well-honed marketing strategy, PSG has truly entered a new dimension.

That of the clubs that represent a brand simply by their names. Several observers claim that Qatar has positioned itself on PSG to break into football in order to better prepare for its World Cup and its acceptance. But is this really the only objective of the owner of the club? Certainly not.

However, at the time of the competition which will highlight an entire country, the club which represents it in Europe must put on a good show. Analysis of PSG’s final sprint before the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

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PSG multiplies the strokes of marketing genius like this partnership with the Jordan brand.

Unparalleled recruitment more than ever

Since the club entered a new era, recruitment has always been one of the best in Europe. If of course the club is very rich, it is also the case of its competitors who have not yet been able to attract so many people.

The club offers fabulous salaries, it’s true, but it also managed to convince Kylian Mbappé to stay in France. This year, he even took the risk of keeping it knowing that he can go free this summer. He attracted Neymar, one of the biggest football stars, known to be a genius of the game on and off the pitch. He finally managed to reunite the two captains of the biggest clubs in Spain. Madrid defender Sergio Ramos and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi.

Today, the team is so strong on paper that some esports football competitions ban Paris Saint-Germain. But the stars are also supported by many young people in the making, a strategy that is therefore part of the long term. Contrary to those who say that the investment fund will sell after the World Cup.

Despite this vision over several years, recruitment XXL of the capital club does not seem to hide the ambition of the leaders at the dawn of international competition.

The Champions League as an aperitif

If PSG have made it a point of honor to build a team of superstars, it is not for Ligue 1. Dominating for many years, the Parisians once again seem stepping on the championship this season. However, the real stated objective of the club is not here, but in the most prestigious of competitions. The Champions League is the holy grail for a big club.

When we know that only Marseille has a star on its jersey in France, we can only see the magnitude of the task. To establish a certain legitimacy and enter the big family of football « institutions », PSG can only count on its trophies. Because, beyond the team, the players, the ever more prestigious coaches, the club does not yet have the recognition of the world of football.

And time is running out for Qatar, which announced ten years ago that it wanted to win the Champions League. What better, then, than the year of the World Cup to “bring the cup home”?

Beyond political considerations and state prestige, the very history of PSG since its acquisition by Qatar pushes towards a victory in the Champions League. And it was this crossover that produced one of the greatest recruitings in history.

With the arrival of the stars, the club became increasingly popular.

When the history of the club meets the history of the country

Even if the World Cup was ten years away, this year would be pivotal for PSG. Indeed, the history of Paris Saint-Germain in the most beautiful of competitions is worthy of a roller coaster. With stinging defeats, reassembledand victories that marked, the Parisians did not do in half measures.

But the results are improving with a final and an elimination in the semi-finals last year. It is therefore the year or never for the club and the players to show that they have the quality necessary to become champions from Europe.

It is therefore rather the meeting between the deadline for the World Cup and the results of the last seasons of PSG which justified such expenditure. This year certainly counts double for the capital club, but it is not entirely because of an external event. The club’s own history lends itself to this team that makes fans dream and opponents nightmare.

See you at the end of the season to find out if this meeting has produced the expected effects.

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