Ligue 1: how do the candidates for maintenance behave on the move?

The maintenance, we imagine, will be played in a handkerchief. Suffice to say that the victories on the road are more than a breath of fresh air for the poorly classified, rather gold bar. In this game, Clermont is not – and by far – the worst off. A brief overview of the routes of the last six of the L1, from the 15th (Clermont) to the red lantern (the 20th, Saint-Étienne).

Clermont (15th, 18 points including 8 on the move). The promoted had started on the hats of wheels by immediately winning in Bordeaux (0-2), then bringing back a spectacular draw from Lyon (3-3). Then it was a long crossing of the desert with only one point taken in Lorient (9th d) before, finally, the deliverance in Angers before Christmas (0-1, 18th d). The task remains 0-6 in Rennes, the big disappointment the 3-2 setback in Sainté after leading 0-2 until the last quarter of an hour.

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Troyes (16th, 17 points including 7 away from home. A late match to be played on the 19th in Montpellier). L’Estac travels well only not far from home, in the Grand Est. He opened his counter in Strasbourg with a point taken in Alsace (3rd d). Behind, the Aubois won in Lorraine in Metz (0-2, 5th d) then in the champagne derby in Reims (1-2, 11th d). The other trips were unproductive.

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Bordeaux hits the road

The Bordelais are struggling at home, at Matmut Atlantique, this season.

Bordeaux (17th, 17 points including 10 away). Attention paradox! The Girondins are more comfortable far from home than at Matmut Atlantique. Among the poorly classified, it is the team that gleans the most points on the road. Roughly speaking, Bordeaux does not lose when it travels! Draws in Marseille, Montpellier, Lorient and Metz; victories at Saint-Étienne (1-2, 6th d) and most recently at Troyes (1-2, 18th d).

Lorient (18th, 16 points including 4 on the move. A late match to be played on the 19th in Lille). The Hake are those who have taken the fewest points on the move (only 4). Proof that the draw does not pay, despite four parity scores brought back successively from Saint-Étienne, Lens, Reims and Lyon. But it was all in the heyday. For three months, Lorient has been accumulating poor performances both outside and at home. Hence its sharp drop in the rankings.

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Metz (19th, 16 points including 9 on the move). Like Bordeaux, the Lorraine club has capitalized more far from Saint-Symphorien. After a draw in Clermont (2-2, 4th d) at the very start of the season, the Garnets did the same in Marseille (where refereeing did not really help them …) and Lyon. Without forgetting two great successes in Brest (1-2, 8th d) and especially in Nice (0-1, 15th d).

Saint-Étienne (20th, 12 points including 5 on the road). The Greens are barely doing better than Lorient with five points taken away. But these savings from the draw taken in Lens and Metz, no more than the victory in Troyes (0-1, 14th d) are not enough to get out of the slums. It will take a lot more on the return phase to hope to save.


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