Ligue 1: Four suspension games for Jean-Marc Furlan after his middle fingers in Clermont

The next club to hire coach Jean-Marc Furlan will have to do without his services on the sidelines for the first three games. This Wednesday, the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) imposed on the now ex-Auxerrois coach « four games of suspension, including a suspended match, bench, referee locker room and all functions official” for his attitude during the meeting between Clermont and Auxerre during the 10th day of L1.

On Sunday October 9, a few minutes before the end of the match (2-1 defeat for Auxerre), Jean-Marc Furlan, then AJA coach, gave the Clermont public the middle fingers. A gesture that he said he did not regret, just after the meeting. “When you are a coach, it is more beneficial when you are in the stands to analyze the matches and make the changes. It’s much better when you’re up there, Furlan said at the post-match press conference. Whatever the penalty, it doesn’t matter. The sanction will probably be very heavy but the work, you do it during the week, not on the sidelines. If there are 8,000 people, you can scream all you want, no one can hear you. »

Two days after the events, the Icaunais club had notified him of his layoff as a precautionary measure. An interview prior to a very probable dismissal must bring together the coach and the leaders of Auxerre this Friday, October 21.

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