Ligue 1. FC Metz – RC Strasbourg: reduced tonnage, ticketing terms

FC Metz communicated on Monday the following ticketing arrangements:

“On Monday, December 27, the French government announced its decision to limit the authorized spectator capacity to 5,000 people, as of January 3, 2022 and for three weeks, in football stadiums. « 

The implementing decree was published this Saturday, January 1 in the Official Journal, specifying the terms of implementation of this gauge. If FC Metz regrets that a proportional gauge cannot be set up, in any case not before the organization of the FC Metz – RC Strasbourg Alsace derby which will take place this Sunday January 9 at 3 p.m. at the Saint-Symphorien Stadium and which constitutes one of the major posters of the season for the public in Metz, a gauge which would equally meet the imperatives of the fight against the epidemic while taking into account the capacities of the sports grounds of each club, it takes note of this new measure. « 

« 4,750 supporters only »

“For one of its flagship matches of the season, usually synonymous with great popular fervor, FC Metz will therefore be able to count on the support of only 4,750 supporters (250 places must be reserved for the visiting club, in the current state of regulations and except ban on travel), while more than 23,000 tickets had already been sold before the announcements of December 27 by the club garnet for the meeting. « 

« A new sale »

« FC Metz therefore has no choice but to purely and simply cancel all of the 23,000 tickets sold and published before December 27 for this FC Metz – Strasbourg match and to organize a new sale for this match, reserved primarily for subscribers, then, if there are still places available, for people who have purchased a place for the match via a Pack or individually. « 

“All supporters must therefore place a new order on the Grenats online ticket office, within the limit of one seat per person. « 

“For the new ticketing arrangements for the Grand Est derby, FC Metz wanted above all to allow its supporters to attend this highly anticipated match in complete safety but also to favor its most loyal supporters. Thus, a maximum of stands will be open on Sunday in order to offer optimal distance between spectators, including the Sud Basse stand, exceptionally open to the general public for this meeting. In addition, a gauge per grandstand will be set up by FC Metz in order to respect a maximum filling of 50% and allow supporters to space out from each other. « 

« Private sales on the FC Metz online ticket office »

“To order their precious sesame, supporters will have access to private sales on the online ticket office of FC Metz, the only official ticket reseller for this meeting. Priority will be given to groups of supporters, 21-22 subscribers and then purchasers of individual packs and tickets.  »

“A special rate for 21-22 subscribers will be available. More precisely, the price of seats in each available category will be the price per match provided for in the “Renewal” price for this same category. Thus, no subscriber choosing to buy a seat in the same category as that of his subscription will pay more than the price he would have paid in his subscription, on the contrary. « 

“Finally, in order to prevent our supporters from advancing costs again, subscribers withdrawn in 8 or 10 installments will see their next withdrawal adjusted downwards to take into account the deletion of the match in their subscription; for other subscribers and buyers in packs or individually, a credit note for the amount paid for Place Metz – Strasbourg will be sent to them before the start of the sale. Thus, they can use it to order their new seat. It will be valid until February 28, 2022 inclusive. For those who cannot use it, it will be refunded in March 2022. « 

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