Ligue 1 – Discreet, distant, but convincing in Rennes, Génésio has forgotten his difficult time at OL

« With Génésio, it is one of the most pleasant Stade Rennais to see playing for a long time« , enthuses Julien, supporter of Rennes for more than 20 years and creator of the podcast » La chaterie des Rouge et Noir « . In terms of accounting, the 55-year-old technician recovered a Breton club in 9th position last March , which he made finish seventh at the end of the season to hang on to Europe, and which is now in fifth place in Ligue 1. « We have to be satisfied« recognizes Romain, supporter since 2008 and host of the web-radio » Radio Roazhon « . This Sunday evening (8:45 p.m.), in addition to the duel between two teams which have displayed a great dynamic and an attractive game for several weeks, it is also the Bruno Génésio’s match While his adventure in the Rhône ended badly with the supporters, his new audience is more committed to his cause.

We saw everywhere ‘good luck to Rennes with Génésio’

However, the fans were not all serene when he arrived. « We started with preconceptions, admits Romain. We saw everywhere ‘good luck in Rennes with Génésio’, so we were worried at first, but we surely had a biased image when we arrived.« . In question, a good number of Lyon supporters, for whom the link had definitively broken with Bruno Génésio, by a sling of some, then by an altercation with one of them in the private framework. » Jhe thinks the Lyonnais have been a little harsh with him, condemns Julien. First because he had achieved his sporting goals, and because Lyon was a nice team to watch.« .

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In Lyon, Bruno Génésio had not known only happy moments

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The main interested party had shown him rather very bitter on this subject after his adventure in Lyon. He seems to have since taken a step back, as he expressed Friday in a press conference. « I do not forget my years in Lyon, we often talk about bad times, but I have lived more good times. Now I am completely in the Rennes project. « Unbeaten for nine meetings in all competitions, the coach of the Breton team appears more peaceful. »In Rennes, he seems quieter, says Julien. I think he was already like that in Lyon, but the circumstances put too much pressure on him. In Rennes, it is a place where life is good. It may be the right place for him. « 

A better balance sheet in Rennes

So is Génésio a fundamentally different coach from two and a half years ago when he left OL? « He was criticized for his use of young people in Lyon, and it is clear that he is launching them in Rennes and that it is interesting« , savors Romain. Julien continues, while qualifying: »We play pretty well, but like in Lyon at the time we are a bit irregular« .

And for good reason, the start of the SRFC season was not necessarily at the level of his expectations. Sixteenth in the 7th day, the Rennais put the march forward with 14 points out of 18 possible, and in particular a solid success against PSG (2-0) in early October. With 1.90 points on average per match, Bruno Génésio has a better record than in Lyon for the moment (1.84 ppm), which Julien is keen to defend. « The Rennais must not forget that he has put the team back on its feet, and that currently, even when we are less good, we win. And that is a real difference. « 

I don’t even know if we have a real ‘relationship’ with him

Despite everything, the relationship with the supporters remains perfectible. The coach’s desire to keep the majority of training sessions behind closed doors for a long time on the Piverdière side particularly annoyed followers and fans. « It went badly, because after two years without being able to see the players at the stadium, it was super frustrating« , denounces Romain. Described as very discreet by the two men, Génésio protects himself more in Brittany, far from the tumult he had suffered in Lyon. At the risk of appearing less close to supporters like Romain. »I don’t even know if we have a real ‘relationship’ with him, because I feel like we don’t really know him as a coach yet.« . »We are only at the beginning of the Génésio era« , emphasizes Julien.

Bruno Génésio (Stade Rennais)

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By moving from Lyon to China, then returning to Rennes, Bruno Génésio has become visibly more peaceful, and more appreciated. Rennes supporters will not take offense at the arrival of their coach’s former club at Roazhon Park this Sunday. « Beyond a Génésio match against Lyon, we especially expect a clash between two European teams, and who are aiming for the top 5 in Ligue 1« Romain explains. The Rouge et Noir coach recognizes this himself: »I feel very good in this club, in this city and in this region. What matters to me today is to continue to move forward with this team. I will be focused only on the game« .

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