Ligue 1: discover the ratings of TFC players after the victory against Montpellier (4-2)

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This Sunday, October 2, for the 9th day of Ligue 1, the TFC offered a second victory at home against Montpellier. Who shone? Who crashed? La Dépêche du Midi takes out the notebook.

Duped (6/10). Shot on the opener from Cozza after, however, a superb save which repels Khazri’s volley (0-1, 7th). Can’t do anything about Montpellier’s second goal either, even if he touches the ball (4-2, 68′). Then comes out impeccably at the feet of Khazri (20), saving tap on a new center-shot from Savanier (65). On what.

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Desler (5). We admit, we still haven’t understood his second warning, synonymous with exclusion (61st): the right hand that rests on Savanier’s head? Otherwise, available as usual.

Rouault (7). Impassable, on the ground and in the air. Wahi, in his zone, had a bad afternoon.

Nicolaisen (6). Less prominent than his young hinge alter-ego, but the Norwegian has done the job. Strong.

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Sulla (6.5). Even before kick-off, the Guinean was in the spotlight; President Comolli giving him a symbolic flocked jersey 200. Like the number of official matches played under the purple colors by the Guinean. Penultimate passer on the goal of the break (3-1, 31st). Ditto on the fourth (4-1, 48th).

Spierings (7.5). Rage to spare. Indispensable in impact. He is also the one who puts his team back on the right track by equalizing with the sole and… tackling, of course (1-1, 18th).

Dejaegere (6). We had not seen him tread the lawns for two days, the Belgian resumed his armband and his grinta. Precious. And scorer – always well placed – with a safety flat foot (4-1, 48th). Replaced by KEBEN (63rd)following the expulsion of Desler (61st): cold on the resumption of Wahi (4-2, 68th).

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Vanden Boomen (8). Double. The Toulouse maestro had taken out his clothes of light: millimeter opening of 50m on the goal of Aboukhlal (2-1, 24th), call and backheel in the race of Chaibi for the third goal (3-1, 31st). Great art.

Chaibi (7). A somewhat delicate start (loss of ball causing Desler’s first yellow, 15th). A reaction to the height: decisive passer of the head on corner (1-1, 18th) then scorer of a tense strike without control opposite bezel (3-1, 31st). Replaced by ONAIWU (79th).

Dallinga (5). Always having trouble showing up, often with an athletic deficit. But the Dutchman spares no effort. Nor the calls. Would have deserved to score (it would have done him a lot of good) – no offense to the rescue on the Chotard line (58). Replaced by GENDER (72nd).

Aboukhlal (7). A goal mixing vice and technique (2-1, 24th): shoulder hit on Tchato – which other referees might have considered reprehensible – to open a boulevard towards the cages; left chest drop and half-volley combo. Then returns that we no longer count to defend… By the way, he is the most decisive Toulouse player with VdB (4 assists): 3 achievements, 1 offering. Replaced by DIARRA (72nd), Coach Montanier preferring to finish the game outnumbered by returning to 5 behind.

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