Ligue 1 clubs can still recruit

If the transfer window closed its doors Thursday at 11 p.m., several possibilities still allow Ligue 1 clubs to recruit while waiting for the opening of the winter market. This could notably unblock the Bamba Dieng case.

Open since June 10, the summer transfer window closed its doors Thursday at 11 p.m. after a very active last day in France. It was also marked by a few failures, particularly in the case of Bamba Dieng, whose signing in Nice was not registered due to a problem during the medical visit. The Senegalese striker is currently staying at OM, which is awaiting further information. But all is not yet lost on this file or for the clubs which consider that they have not sufficiently strengthened themselves. There are still opportunities to recruit outside the regulatory period.

The regulations authorize the signing of players who are free of any contract outside the registration period. Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs also have the possibility of recruiting a « joker » among the players under contract, between the summer transfer window and the winter transfer window. « This possibility of exceptional recruitment is strictly limited to one player per club and remains subject to compliance with the regulations and agreements applicable to the status of the player », indicates point 4 of article 213 of the LFP regulations.

Clubs have a joker

The Bamba Dieng case could thus be resolved in this way if Nice wishes to return to the charge to recruit the Senegalese international. In 2019, Marseille used their joker card to bring Valentin Rongier from Nantes after failing to reach an agreement with the Pays de la Loire club in time.

Finally, there is one last case where clubs can strengthen themselves outside the transfer window: that of the medical joker. This is possible in the event of the death of a player under contract, serious injury to the goalkeeper or his replacement (in this case, the club can only recruit a new goalkeeper), serious injury to a player under contract, during a selection for the France team, if this injury entails an incapacity for the player for a period greater than or equal to three months.

« In the last two cases, the injuries are noted and assessed by the national federal doctor, specifies the regulations. The injured player and the recruited player cannot, in these cases, be registered simultaneously on the match sheet for the following three months. the date of the finding of the injury.

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