Ligue 1. Before Nantes – Girondins de Bordeaux: Team in difficulty seeks control of the ball

The meeting against Saint-Etienne (2-2) on Wednesday was a perfect summary: two highlights at the start and end of the match with two goals scored and a third disallowed for offside and, in the middle, an hour suffer, with two goals conceded and a saving cross. “Over the period, we gave the ball back to our opponent too quickly. These are things we have already worked on but it has to come back quickly, ”points out coach David Guion.

The goalkeeper, first choice

The statistics speak for themselves: with, in order, 76%, 64%, 76%, 72% and 71% of successful passes in the last six games, the Girondins are navigating the slums of Ligue 1 in material, below their average for the year (79%). The phenomenon is due to the choice to play long more often than 14 other L1 teams (35% of passes over 40 meters) but not only.

“Technically, there is too much waste. We see a lot of missed side passes, sometimes too many touches. Against Saint-Etienne, Onana made useless gestures that were forbidden, especially in the team’s situation », deplores former defender Michel Le Blayo, consultant for ARL radio, also noting the « lack of solutions » forward or in depth for the ball carrier. “Every game, we find the same situation: lack of availability, we circulate the ball behind, and we even go back to the goalkeeper. »

Against the Greens, Poussin thus touched 28 balls at the foot (10 did not find takers then). In Lyon, the goalkeeper received 35 (15 successful passes in return). Or more than his attackers or the axial “playmakers” (Dilrosun and Adli).

By choosing to put Josuha Guilavogui back at the heart of the defense, David Guion wants to rely on « the quality and verticality in the recovery » of the former international. After having tried Rémi Oudin and Yacine Adli as technical leaders of the 3-4-2-1, he now counts on the quality of Javairo Dilrosun in the 3-4-1-2 used. The choice of Tom Lacoux – who only managed 52% of his passes on Wednesday – on the right also goes into the desire for more control.

The Dilrosun Key

“Against Saint-Etienne, we had the impression that the objective was to touch Dilrosun and then it was up to him to manage, analyzes Michel Le Blayo. Without Hwang (suspended), we lacked depth and with two axial attackers of the same profile. There was just a bit of it on the left side with Mangas, albeit at the expense of his defensive performance. « Former midfielder and trainer Philippe Lucas points to him » the lack of complementarity of recruitment in the middle, with especially defensive profiles « and the difficulty of keeping the ball in the opposite camp: only Reims and Metz have succeeded less than assists than Bordeaux in the opposing 30 meters this season.

“We need to trust our technical leaders more”

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