Ligue 1: an audit and a new partner for the Girondins de Bordeaux

Sunday in The team, Bordeaux President Gérard Lopez confirmed the rapprochement between the Girondins and new strategic partners, specifying that they would not enter « Not necessarily in the capital » of the club. It did not take long to find out the identity of this new partner, it is the Scapular Club, which brings together 150 local entrepreneurs. This one aims to « Become an important player in the club », said the Girondins in a press release.

Soon a team less?

At the same time, the restructuring of the club continues. In this sense, Lopez indicated that change could occur in the categories of young people. « What we are going to succeed is to put training at the heart of this sporting growth, he declared on France Bleu Gironde. And for that, we have an audit that is currently underway. But, typically, it’s one or two generations of players. So it’s three, four, five years before you see a really significant effect. «  According to South West, the findings of the audit in question could lead to the removal of a team.

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