Ligue 1: Amazon would push for the sound system of the referees

Just like in rugby, football referees could soon be equipped with a microphone. Indeed, according to RMC Sport, the sound project, often requested by players, managers or even supporters, is making great strides. After the French Football Federation (FFF) and the Technical Arbitration Department (DTA), always in favor of this possibility, Amazon would also push in this direction. The main broadcaster of Ligue 1 would indeed see a good eye on this innovation, in particular for « help understand arbitration decisions« .

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So, what is missing for this project to see the light of day? Quite simply the green light from the IFAB, the body responsible for the laws of the game of football. « Many things could not be done with the Covid. But it’s going in the right direction. It’s gonna take some more time« , However, a source close to the broadcaster told RMC. Last October, a survey of the 20 central referees in Ligue 1 was in favor of wearing a microphone.

« The unanimity of the actors in favor of this test would only strengthen the strength of the French file with the IFAB“, announced Olivier Lamarre, president of SAFE, the union of elite football referees, to The Team.

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