LIGUE 1 – After PSG-Brest (1-0): Michel Der Zakarian torpedoes arbitration after the Presnel Kimpembe affair


If PSG as a whole purred, one man was hot-blooded for most of the match against Brest, won by the narrowest of margins at the Parc des Princes (1-0). Struggling with Islam Slimani, Presnel Kimpembe has used excessive commitment. Guilty on the penalty saved from the Algerian international (70th), the player trained at PSG almost cost a Breton equalizer a second time, but Gianluigi Donnarumma once again showed himself up on his line (78th).

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Gigio’s response: « Fortunately he was decisive »


The noise, everyone heard it

The twist came at the very end of the game, on the edge of additional time, and when the meeting seemed to end on a false rhythm. Nerves on edge, Kimpembe cracked a dangerous tackle with both feet forward on Irvin Cardona close to the sideline (90th). The contact is violent, but the referees arranged all around the action take some time to decide.

« The linesman is in front, he is like me, we are all five meters from the action with the fourth referee and the linesmanreported annoyed Michel Der Zakarian at a press conference. When he tackles… I’m not saying he made an attack, but he takes Cardona’s shoe (sic). The noise, everyone heard it. And the linesman doesn’t even signal a foul ! »

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Injured on his tackle, Kimpembe will miss at least two meetings

Immediately after the impact, the world champion held the back of the thigh. The Frenchman would suffer »hamstring muscle injury« , as Christophe Galtier confessed to the press. « We will wait 48 hours to know the gravitysupported the Parisian coach. What is certain is that he will be unavailable for the next two matches. » Either against Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League and against Lyon next Sunday.

But the duration of Kimbembe’s absence could lengthen drastically if the LFP commission looks into an inappropriate gesture from the Habs against the referee of the match. In wanting to separate Brendan Chardonnet and Kimpembe, Jérémie Pignard saw his arm pushed back with a sudden movement from the Parisian, out of its hinges. An action often punishable by heavy penalties.

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No, Paris is not favored by referees

Not enough to calm the bitterness of the Brest coach. « I’m not saying it’s an attack, but it must take at least one yellow. And if he takes a yellow, he’s out. If it’s us, the player is out. But this is Paris. That’s what makes me angry. »

A two-speed arbitration in favor of Paris Saint-Germain? Christophe Galtier is not of this opinion: « There is no debate because Kimpembe did not return to the field. Paris arbitrated differently? I don’t think, even without VAR, I never thought that. No, Paris is not favored by referees.” Two weeks after the strong invective of Jean-Pierre Caillot, president of Reims, French arbitration is the subject of a new controversy.

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Paris, victory while suffering


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