Ligue 1 – After Nice – Monaco / Lucien Favre: « Not good with and without the ball, that’s a lot »

Lucien Favre has continued to temper, in recent weeks, the ambitions he had displayed when he returned to Nice at the end of June, he who spoke of top 3 « within two years ». The Swiss technician has postponed the deadline for one or two more seasons over the course of press conferences… and his team’s matches. Because the defeat at home, Sunday evening in the derby of the Côte d’Azur (0-1), reminded us: the Gym is still very far from the mark, in almost all areas.

After six days, the Aiglons have only won once, and only have five points. Nine behind on the podium targeted in the long term, already. On Sunday, they were simply powerless against Monaco and their high pressing. « Maybe we needed more depth, more combined play. It’s up to us to think, to listen to what the coach has to tell us », reacted Dante to the microphone of Prime Video.

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And that’s good because Lucien Favre has things to say. The Swiss technician, also questioned by the broadcaster after the match, was particularly talkative about the ills of his team. It must be said that there is a plethora of them… “In terms of the game, it was disappointing”, he first launched, before developing at length.

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We can’t find the solutions, I admit it

« We don’t keep the ball enough, we don’t know how to turn it. In the markdown, too, it’s difficult. We can’t find the solutions, I admit it. We weren’t good with the ball, and not good without the ball, that’s a bit much. When there’s pressing like that, you have to have calls from the sides, or from deep. And we missed that in the first half. Only one of the three attackers come and propose behind the number 6s? They had to come! Two had to come behind the number 6s, but you have to stand out several times. You have to pretend to go forward, go back, etc… »

From there to deduce that the former Dortmund coach must remind his players of the principle of call-against-call, there is only one step. The Swiss assured not to blame his troops. But his rather dry way of answering that he would not need to re-watch this meeting because he had « seen everything », suggests busy talks in the days to come. And certain individuals will not be spared.

« The Rosario-Thuram change at half-time? Thuram played a lot of matches, I found him a little tired in the first half. But it’s true that Rosario was not good, you have to to say it », he launched with his usual outspokenness. And the individualities, what did they think of it, precisely?

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Recruits to integrate

« I think the pattern was good, then I think we were a little too low, analyzed Andy Delort. In this system you have to center a lot, and we didn’t have many centers, although we knew that they were in difficulty on this point. In the end, we didn’t get that many shares. After that will happen, there are new players, now it’s up to us to work well« .

The end of the summer was indeed loaded in terms of transfers. Ross Barkley, the latest recruit to date, was announced… just before the meeting. The symbol of a late transfer window which obviously did not help Favre in shaping his eleven. « You have to feel the same football, at the same timerecalled the technician. The problem, I said it the other day: there are players who are made for this system, there are some who are made for others and that’s why it doesn’t work not. Change system? We played in 4-3-3, which I wanted at the start, but it’s difficult to put it in place. In 4-2-3-1, too. And then we made the 3-5-2, it’s the only game we won, in Lille… »

After a month and six days, Lucien Favre and Nice are still very far from having found all the answers to their questions. « The project carried by Ineos is huge », the Swiss was enthusiastic during his presentation. But the site of this beginning of the season is just as important.

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