Lidl: the perfect accessories to set up your mini gym!

The German firm Lidl has just put on sale several products perfect for setting up a mini gym at home

Having a physical activity is very important. Indeed, you owe it to yourself to play sports at least 3 times a week. In order to keep fit and maintain your health. But you don’t always have time to hit the gym for this. Fortunately, Lidl has the solution.

Sport at home

You will probably not be surprised when you learn that the German firm offers products for exercising at home? Given that discount supermarkets already offer many items perfect for everyday use.

This time, Lidl therefore wanted to focus on sport. The brand, knowing that the situation of sports halls is proving difficult, wished offer alternatives to its customers. Indeed, because of the sanitary pass, not everyone can go to the room.

The greatest athletes must therefore train directly from their home. It is still necessary to have the necessary equipment to do it. And this is precisely where the stores come in. The latter, offering objects perfect for this practice.

For example, you can find the variable weight training sandbag. It has self-adhesive closures on the individual bags and in the sandbag to prevent them from slipping during training.

It is ideal for running and sprinting training. But also perfect for squats when you put it on your back. Its price is 19.99 euros. That’s not all. You will also find a set of weights for only 24.99 euros.

This 5kg weight set has two adjustable discs and a Russian weight. A great option for gentle toning exercises. You can find this product both in the store Lidl online and in the physical store from Monday August 16.

Lidl: the perfect accessories to set up your mini gym!
Lidl: the perfect accessories to set up your mini gym!

Other Lidl products for your gym

As you can imagine, other products are also for sale. The abs are part of the area most worked by athletes. That turns out well, the brand offers a perfect object to train at this level : an abdominal roll.

It is highly recommended to exercise the abdomen, back, shoulders and arms effectively. This abdominal roller features a rubberized contoured wheel for a smooth glide. His price ? 6.99 euros.

Because yes, in addition to making you work your abs, this object Lidl will also allow you to perfect different areas of your body that need to be toned. Maybe you would need some elastic bands to help you with this workout?

That’s good, these were also put on sale by Lidl. They allow you to exercise endurance and tone muscles. They are still perfect for people who have used this type of band before.

Since these are medium and high intensity bands. The price of this set is 4.99 euros. Now you know where to go in case you want to build yourself a mini gym. Lidl will be your best option.