Lidl hits hard and offers a sports article for less than 15 euros!


Today, Lidl is a chain of stores that have been very popular with consumers for several years. Many French people shop there very regularly.

Lidl: a key player in mass distribution

The king of discount has really succeeded in crushing the competition and establishing itself as a key player in mass distribution. The products marketed by Lidl are really very varied. You can find clothes, food, high products, household appliances. In fairly small areas, the Lidl store teams manage to stock a large quantity of products. There is real know-how in this area. In general, when you enter a Lidl store, you come out with a full cart.

Last summer, the discount king chained up promotional operations to seduce his customers. World cuisine was in the spotlight. Thus, food from different countries was offered: Portugal, Spain, Italy or Lebanon.. On a daily basis, Internet users are reactive when Lidl’s marketing teams unveil all their new products on their Instagram account.

Shoes for less than 15 euros

On October 5, 2021, Lidl made his fans salivate by discussing incredible items to taste. “Chocolate mousse, muesli, ice cream, yogurt, salted butter caramel. For which sweetness (s) will you fall for? », We can read in one of Lidl’s latest publications. But also: “Sweet Team, this is for you. See you tomorrow in our supermarkets! « . If you have resumed sports, these shoes will be ideal for your physical activities. They will be part of the collection Ocean Bound.A product not to be missed.

Be aware that these small items have been recycled. These shoes were made with materials collected on beaches or in the oceans. A very good deed! And the process for making them is simple. Classic and comfortable, these shoes make it easy to cover miles. Your feet will thank you!

With its foam sole, your feet will enjoy perfect comfort. In addition, there are also models for men and for women. Regarding the colors, you will have the choice between gray, black or pink. And the selling price is very attractive because they cost only 14.99 euros.

It is certain, this range will sell out very quickly. Anyway, no one knows if it will experience the same madness as another pair of sneakers marketed by Lidl. Remember in 2020, the sneakers in the store’s colors were a hit all over France. Some fans did not hesitate to resell them on the net while increasing their original price which was € 12.99.

Lidl, a successful brand

For several years, Lild’s marketing department teams have been able to put in place an effective strategy to promote the brand. So, generally, the supermarket chain sells highly prized products at discounted prices. This was the case, for example, for the pair of shoes we have been able to talk about or a games console.

The products sold out quickly in the stores. Customers look at the prices on the net and see that what is marketed by Lidl is interesting. Household budgets are increasingly reduced, so when a store offers this type of operation, success is evident. There are times of big cocks and consumers are also sharing videos about it.

Lidl also sponsors sporting events. This is the case, for example, with the Handball championship or cycling. For more than 10 years now, Lidl has wanted to change its positioning. For a long time, the brand has been associated with the Discount. Today, Lidl has a new image and the chain of stores has managed to move upmarket and attract new customers. Objeko is used to providing you with great deals from Lidl all year round. It must be said that it often has great finds.


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