L’Expression: Sports – Daredevil mission for Amrani

His urgent mission is to prepare the Canaries for the next meeting on Sunday against the Senegalese club Casa Sport in the second leg of the preliminary round of the Champions League.

It is now official. Abdelkader Amrani is the new coach of JS Kabylie. The ex-coach of MC Oran thus comes to succeed Belgian coach José Riga who was sacked for poor results. Riga did not survive more than three days. Also, Amrani, known as the man who has traveled all over Algeria at the head of many clubs, inherits a mission at the limit of the impossible, unless the management of the club and the supporters agree to s in its medium and long term perspective. His urgent mission, according to the management of the JSK, is to prepare the Canaries for the next meeting, in a few days, against the Senegalese club Casa Sport counting for the second leg of the preliminary round of the Champions League. The first round was favorable to the Senegalese who won a small victory, but all the same a considerable advantage over the Canaries who will have to snatch a victory in Sétif where they will welcome their host next Sunday. In fact, Amrani, who accepted the deal, should expect all scenarios. He inherited an unstructured workforce without any homogeneity. The results obtained since the start of the championship are irrefutable proof of this. Coach Amrani is therefore obliged to do better than his predecessor Riga, who paid for his stealthy move to JSK with a real breach of his notoriety. An image of a great technician tainted already for the first time in Tunisia within the African Club which dismissed him for poor results. Riga will have obviously missed its passage in African football after having forged an image of club maker on the European continent. And, this is probably the fate that would await Amrani if ​​the Canaries did not come back to winning ways. A risky bet but made possible thanks to his talent. Amrani will therefore have to prepare a team at the bottom of the abyss for a mandatory victory against Casa Sport. A real challenge in view of the performances displayed by its players. Poor performances for all those who saw the penalty miserably missed by Boukhanchouche in addition to the successive defeats in the first three days of the National League Championship 1 Mobilis. Abdelkader Amrani is embarking on a difficult challenge indeed, as supporters grow impatient and worried at the highest level. The JSK have never experienced four successive defeats in all competitions. This concern of the supporters impacts the management which is under pressure and therefore forced to react quickly. The situation therefore puts a terrible burden on the players who find it very difficult to get by chaining defeat after defeat. It’s a real black hole from which Amrani will have to get his players out by releasing them from the pressure and restoring their self-confidence. This represents a challenge and paradoxically the key to success.

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