Lewis Hamilton was officially knighted

Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton was officially knighted in a ceremony that took place this Wednesday in London. The 36-year-old British pilot had been promoted to that title by Queen Elizabeth II at the very beginning of the year, appearing on the traditional list of Royal New Year’s honors and making him Sir Lewis Hamilton. However, it was not until Wednesday that the Mercedes driver was officially knighted by Prince Charles, in a ceremony which took place at Windsor Castle.

Lewis Hamilton was previously decorated by the Queen in 2008, after his first World Championship title, but he has since won six more titles that have seen him equal Michael Schumacher at the top of Formula 1. He is the third Champion. of the world to receive this honor in the United Kingdom after Sir Jack Brabham in 1978 and Sir Jackie Stewart in 2001. Stirling moss, Patrick Head and Frank Williams also received this recognition.

The ceremony marked his very first public appearance since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last Sunday, at the end of which Max Verstappen won the 2021 title. Lewis Hamilton had congratulated his successor on arrival, answering Jenson Button’s questions, but then did not attend the traditional press conference or respond to the media. His next public appearance is scheduled for Thursday evening at the FIA ​​end-of-year gala, which will take place in Paris, and where he will receive his vice-world champion award for the 2021 season.

The Mercedes team are currently considering whether they will confirm their intention to appeal the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results. After the controversial end of the race and considering that the race management did not apply the rules, the structure led by Toto Wolff lodged a complaint but it was rejected by the stewards. Since then, she has cut herself off from all official communication, including on social networks. Only George Russell spoke to the press as part of the private trials held in Abu Dhabi.

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