Leverage football for eco-citizenship at Granada FC

Back to football RSO Granada FC

The FFF and Game Earth ecological awareness tour of France stopped off in Haute-Garonne on Wednesday 28 September. A rainy but stimulating sixth stage for the young licensees who came to the stands of the two environmental associations present.

A backpack isn’t just for carrying your football gear before and after the game. It can also be eco-friendly. And define in this case “all the resources and energy needed to manufacture an object”explains Doriane of Zero Waste France. The Toulouse branch of the association took advantage of the carbon contribution of the FFF and the Back to School of Granada FC to awaken more than sixty young people to the impact of the production of everyday objects, sometimes insignificant. Among others.

 » We focused on prevention and the importance of refusing non-essential items, repairing your belongings, and maintaining them to make them last over time. We also proposed an animation allowing to better understand recycling and especially what it is not. Children often know the word, but not what it actually means “says Kelina of Zero Waste Toulouse. On its stand, which is also popular with parents, the association also raised awareness of the dangers and impacts of illegal dumping and the principle of returning to the land,  » via the composting of organic waste, for example « .

« Clubs are the first link in the educational chain to prepare the world of tomorrow », assumes Arnaud Dalla Pria, president of the Ligue d’Occitanie, delighted to see the enthusiasm around environmental issues. For him, “ecological awareness is a societal fact and football the most popular sport. It must therefore bring all of its licensees, mostly young people, into an eco-citizen approach. »

(Photo Giuseppe VOLPE/FFF)

Solutions to environmental issues
The discourse is similar with Loïc Faivre, Director General of the District of Haute-Garonne: “It’s the right age and the right time to raise children’s awareness of these issues. After school, the sports club is the first place for children to socialize, so their educational role in understanding and ecological solutions is essential. ». Moreover, the district plans to adopt a real CSR policy in its management centers “to provide solutions to ecological challenges, as is already done in many companies in France. » Like, for example, frescoes.

 » We were able to raise the awareness of around fifty participants by offering a workshop on our ecological football fresco, with particular emphasis on reducing waste. “, specifies in a wink Pierre Lalot of Football Ecology France, also present in Granada. “The vast majority of our licensees are between 6 and 17 years old and are particularly alert and aware of the ecological cause on a daily basis, whether at school, on TV or on social networks. They wouldn’t understand if it wasn’t the same in their football club. »concludes Delphine Daminato, president of Granada FC.

« Here too we save the planet »

With some 350 licensees, Granada FC already places strong emphasis on the environment, whether in prevention or action. A policy in the image of the president of the club, Delphine Daminato.
“We are the first actors in civic life, our role is to raise to citizenship. He is key. The values ​​of our sport are a tremendous lever for this: in football, we must perform individually but without the team around, we cannot achieve. It is the same thing in life. To save the planet, we can only move forward if we are together. Twice a year, we therefore organize a large collective waste collection in the municipality. Last year we also developed the operation « Love Plugs », to give a second life to non-recyclable corks. We are also making efforts on the reuse and lifespan of equipment. On food and delivery, we put the local at the heart of our approach. »

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