Lescar on his way to seventh heaven

Except that to reach seventh heaven, Lescar will have to dismiss Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, one of the big favorites of the Regional 1 championship. If the two teams have the same course in the Coupe de France, that of the championship is diametrically opposite. The Landais started flawlessly, with two victories, at Arin Luzien (3-1) and against the Crusaders of Bayonne (2-0), which earned them second place, with a match less.

Conversely, Lescar lost 2-1, during the opening of the championship, at home, against Villenave-d’Ornon, then in Saint-Pierre-d’Irube, on the same score: « However , we deserved better, notes the lescarien coach, Andric Aigon. Each time, we lead in the score, we master our subject, but we do not take a point. “Two short defeats which did not sow the slightest doubt, as evidenced by the rapid reactions in the Coupe de France. The following weekend, the Lescariens went to penalties, in Villenave-d’Ornon, on an air of revenge and last Saturday, they did not tremble at Hasparren where they logically qualified (4-1).

Remember April 2

Tonight’s meeting will be « another story », as Yannick Blanchard predicts. But the Saint-Paulois coach has not forgotten the misstep of last season in lescarian land, on April 2, and the 3-1 defeat, at a time when he was struggling with the reserve of Pau FC, for the rise in National 3: “We completely missed our match, remembers the Landes coach. With Mascaret, it was the match where we had the most regrets for having lost points. If we win, it changes a lot of things for the future. »

This season, still undefeated in both competitions, the SPS are making « a satisfactory start », according to Yannick Blanchard, but they do not plan for the rest of the competition because they have kept the bitter taste of defeat and they know that it will be necessary to « produce a big game for Lescar, to get out of it before the penalty shootout ».

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