Les Bleus, Brest, MLS… Gonzalo Higuain delivers his truths

The Argentinian striker confided in a long interview to France Football. He notably mentioned the contacts he had with the Blues in 2006.

Gonzalo Higuain is now approaching the end of his career. The Argentinian is completing his career with the American club Inter Miami. In America, the rhythm of the matches not being as high as in Europe, he has time to turn around and rehash some old memories. Like the time he was approached to play for the France team.

Higuain almost said yes to the Blues

In 2006, and when he had just arrived in Europe, « Pipita » had a discussion with Raymond Domenech. The opportunity to play for the Blues was offered to him, but he declined it. Not without having hesitated a lot beforehand. This is what he confided in an interview with France Football.

“The proposal made me think a lot, but France already had so many good players at the time: Henry, Zidane, etc., he confessed. And then, I just arrived at Real Madrid at 18, I was young to make such a decision.

He remains attached to France

Higuain is a native of Brest, because his father played there in the 80s. He claims to feel real ties with this city and France in general: « I left Brest when I was only 10 months old, but I was able to go back during the 1998 World Cup. It’s a cute little town. Unfortunately, I don’t speak French, but I have a lot of affection and love for France, the place where I was born”.

On the international scene, the ex-Napoli striker finally opted for Argentina. A choice he absolutely does not regret. Logical, given the beautiful course he had with the Albiceleste, marked by 75 caps and 31 goals.

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In 2014, in Brazil, he had not gone far from a consecration with his country. “I scored against Belgium with a half-volley in the quarter-finals. It’s one of my best career memories. Unfortunately, we lost in the final against Germany”.

Higuain is tired of football

Aged 34, Higuain has now lost his motivation to play football. The idea of ​​hanging up the cleats begins to cross his mind. He explains why: “Can you imagine that I have been playing football for 17 years, that is to say half my life? It’s way too much. All these years and experiences in Europe have really exhausted me. You feel that the human being and how he feels is not a priority. There are also times when I have suffered from criticism from the press and fans.

Recently, Higuain’s father shared that his son is about to say goodbye to the football scene. The interested party wanted to clarify this point: “My contract here expires in December, but it is possible to activate a final year as an option. I have not yet made my decision for the rest, but when it is done I will be the only one who can talk about it”.

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