Lego makes a life-size Ferrari Monza SP1


Lego has reproduced the Ferrari Monza SP1 entirely in 1:1 scale briquettes. Focus on this impressive achievement currently on display at the Legoland amusement park in Billund, the city of the brand’s headquarters in Denmark.


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Focus on the reproduction of a life-size Lego Ferrari Monza SP1.


Lego is not at its first attempt when it comes to full-size sports car replicas. After the Ford Mustang, McLaren 720S, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari F40, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB 5, Lamborghini Sian and many more, it’s now the turn of the Ferrari Monza SP1 to be entitled to its realization in Lego bricks. The manufacturer has indeed partnered with Ferrari to design this life-size supercar, proudly exhibited at Legoland in Denmark, a veritable sanctuary dedicated to the Danish brand’s building bricks.

The reproduction of one of the most beautiful cars in the world

In 2021, Ferrari unveiled the Monza SP1 (single-seater) and SP2 (two-seater), two supercars inspired by the « Barchetta » that made the prancing horse brand famous in competition. These were the first two models of the very exclusive limited series « Icona » intended to revisit the most emblematic cars of its history. To reproduce this sculptural single-seater with the 6.5 V12 of 810 hp, the Lego company used no less than 383,610 bricks bringing the total weight of the set to 1,340 kg.

From the number plate to the mirrors, including the logo or the upholstery… everything was made in Lego, or almost. The only elements borrowed from the original are the tires and the steering wheel, two elements that are not usually made of bricks when tackling such a construction. The result is simply exceptional, Lego having managed to recreate the complex curves of the lines of the Italian tray with striking precision and realism.

A replica to promote an interactive attraction

This Ferrari Monza SP1 in Lego sits alongside a new unusual interactive attraction. After having been able to admire this unique achievement, visitors are invited to assemble their own Ferrari creation themselves, then to digitize their car before testing it on a digital circuit dear to the Italian firm. The route chosen is none other than the official Ferrari test track at Fiorano in Italy. This attraction called « Ferrari Build & Race », which was launched in May 2022 at Legoland California Resort, could appear in other parks dedicated to the toy brand. Will they also benefit from a life-size automobile reproduction to promote this new game?

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The Ferrari Monza SP1 is on display at LEGOLAND Park in Billund, Denmark, to promote an attraction dubbed 'Ferrari Build & Race'.

The Ferrari Monza SP1 is on display at LEGOLAND Park in Billund, Denmark, to promote an attraction dubbed ‘Ferrari Build & Race’.




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