LeBron’s very strong reaction to the humiliation suffered by the Lakers

Ridiculed by Phoenix in a game yet crucial for them, the Lakers are likely to spend the next two very delicate days. Hot, LeBron James has already delivered a speech that could not be more believed on this debacle.

Statisticians will undoubtedly be able to enjoy such a result. Defending champions, the Lakers experienced a real ordeal on the floor of the Phoenix Suns Arena on Tuesday. Frank Vogel’s men showed a disorienting apathy from the first half, joining the locker room with a delay… of 30 points.

The following events did not smile on them any more, since it was on this same margin that they left the field at the final buzzer (85-115). Lebron james, completely missed his match despite 24 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, did not go dead hand when taking stock of this distressing performance on the part of his team.

LeBron on the subject of the blowout: “We got kicked in the ass. It’s that simple. … They just kicked our ass. That’s all there is to say. « 

Difficult to sum up the situation in a better way than with these words. In the absence of Anthony Davis, the Angelinos have shown no offensive inspiration, and have been just as amorphous defensively. LBJ, author of a first cataclysmic period, also deserves to be placed in the lot of big disappointments.

The storm is now over in Arizona, and the Purple & Gold hope to find calmer weather in their California for Game 6, on the night of Thursday to Friday. A new storm would indeed be synonymous with elimination, and resounding failure for the King’s gang. The latter is well aware of this, and has already announced the procedure for this meeting of all dangers.

LeBron on Game 6: “It’s literally the victory or the door at this level. … We have to use all the ammunition we have, and even use the weapon as a projectile. « 

Realistic about his performance and that of his franchise, LeBron James did not take a pinch of salt to sum them up. It is with a completely different state of mind that he and his partners will have to approach Game 6 to survive in these playoffs.

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