LeBron’s ex-teammate leads him down: « He can’t be the GOAT after that »

For a lot of observers, LeBron James is a perfect candidate for the title of best all-time player. But not according to a former teammate of the King… According to this one, one event in particular would make it completely impossible.

The GOAT debate generally revolves around two names, Michael Jordan and Lebron james. But, according to Eddie House, this discussion is simply irrelevant. Former teammate of Chosen One in Miami, he was notably of the team which lost in the Finals against the Mavs, in 2010-11. LBJ had been dramatic then, and that’s what the rear criticized him years later, in 2018:

I can’t get over the fact that he messed up so badly against Dallas. Not just because I was on the team, but because he was the best player and everyone depended on him to show up and do what he does, and he completely failed in the job. He had a bad streak. Jordan has never had that in the playoffs.

This is sent! It was also to be all the more frustrating for House that he hung up after this disappointment, while Miami chained two titles in a row the following season. Beyond that, the former player felt that we could not clear LBJ for this, especially vis-à-vis his peers. He cited for this another superstar of the league, who had planted in style in 2016-17 against San Antonio:

« If Harden got turned on, then LeBron should be too »

People destroyed James harden for having had a bad series last year (24.5 points at 41% including 30% at 3 pts, 5.2 losses of balls against Spurs, note) … but you will say that someone who gave up in the Finals, at the end of all, when all the marbles are on the table, is the greatest of all time? I can not believe it.

It is true that the 2011 Finals are regularly used by the King’s detractors to discredit him, the latter affirming like House that Jordan has never read missed these great moments. And if the quadruple MVP was able to catch up in the years that followed, even bringing back a ring in Cleveland, it is a task that is not easy to erase … especially if your own teammates add a layer on it. .

Not sure that LeBron enjoyed the release of Eddie House, in 2018. Never mind, the superstar has only to change his mind by ending his career in a spectacular way! By winning a last title, for example.

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